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mahadasha of Sun (Surya mahadasha in Vedic Astrology)

The sun mahadasha runs for 6 years. In these six years the native will seek interest in authority or being a authority figure, will have his or her ego rectify to the max. There are also great dealing with places of royalty, government, father's work place and dealing with public life. Sun truly represents the public life of an individual, whether it's artistic, political or being a manger, the native would have to take center stage on all he or she does. Usually people get promoted to higher places at their work or they reap great benefits from the government. There could a also be sudden opportunities to take part or be a part of local city government or sudden opportunity to work for the federal government. Great emphasis on business administration, education and improving one's leadership qualities. Such mahadasha in a male's chart can produce a sun if it runs in their 20's or 30's. Wherever Sun is placed that's where the native would shine. Sun in the 4th house shows the native can shine in their homeland or people of their home, in the 5th house it can show that they will take center stage in their kids lives, in politics, arts or entertainment, in the 7th house there would be great improvement in life through spouse, or help of a business partner while in the 12th house it can show taking center stage in foreign affairs or spiritual affairs. In the 10th house Sun can show an individual who has to take on huge responsibility to put structure and organization at a corporation or in the government sector.

If Sun is weak, as in it's in Libra, that mean the native would be forced to work through others or will have to work with others in order rise his or her status. This not a bad thing in modern days when ones does need support and engagement of others to become successful. Steve Jobs has said, besides having passion to do what you want to do, you must surround yourself with people better than you who are best at what they do, only then you will find success. Sun in Aries is strong because native is able to hand his or her affairs by themselves, but in Libra Sun needs support of others, and if one can get support and rise up, it doesn't matter how they got there, bottom line is they did.

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