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What is Inside the Astrology Books I have written?

You will not find astrology books written the way I write them. I write them from the view point of the people who want to learn astrology. I don't just talk about the basis in 1 book but I have broken down each important aspect of astrology in a separate book like Conjunction, Aspects (Planets through ascendant) which I am currently writing, including my astrology @ the speed of light book which talks about everything including the little secrets that make the big difference in a birth chart. 

What are the secrets of Astrology? 
Kapiel Raaj, Astrology, horoscope, 2012 horoscope, vedic astrology, zodiac signs, kapiel raaj
The basic astrology you know today, is just a watered down version of true divine science of the mystics. The sages, who weren't of this world in my opinion, but, were either Anunnakies or the spiritual beings of Atlantis (The lost Continent) Secrets of astrology are mainly in its remedies, and some misconceptions which the true followers of astrology didn't want you to know, like planet Saturn.

The use of gems is also another mystery in Vedic-Astrology. People have many opinions, but the big questions is Does gemstones Therapy really work in astrology? The book discusses this question. 

  •     Most astrologers analyze just one chart, which is your birth chart, called 'Lagna Chart'. I've been to over 30-40 astrologers, and out of which only 3-4 looked at the 'Divisional Charts' in my horoscope which actually hold far more importance than your main birth chart. If your main birth chart is a television, than the divisional charts are the HD or SD signal, without which a television is a useless box of static.

  •     Many websites would claim that having a planet in a bad house, and bad zodiac sign can mean bad luck for the native, but then why so many wealthy, happy people are walking around with bad planets in their charts in bad positions? It's simple, the astrologer who was claiming this was a fool, and never really looked at what 'Nakshatra' the planet was sitting in, including the 'Up-Nakshatra'. Just because your sun is in a week sign and house, doesn't mean you're screwed, because that sun might just giving you the most wealth and fame in its time frame.

  •     In Numerology, they say changing ones name can change their luck for the better or worse, than why are so many people who changed their name are still experiencing the same results years after they changed their name for numerology? They never bought in the energy of the new name by methods and rituals.
  •  Most astrology compatibility done by websites, and astrologers could be very dangerous for two people who are about to share their lives together, for a long time. Most of you think about sun sign compatibility or even moon sign compatibility to assess the romance in your relationship, while you couldn't be further from the truth.

  •     If you thought that only your main chart, which is called the 'Lagna Chart' will show you your entire picture; is like saying a doctor can see the blocked arteries in your heart just by looking at you. Don't get me wrong, Vedic medicine doctors can do this, by looking at you, or feeling your wrist, but understand what I am saying here; not everyone can do what some can do. It takes decades of practice to just look at a person to tell their health alignments, or looking at the main chart and telling a person's exact future. 'Divisional Charts' in astrology play a vital part.

Another aspect of astrology I discuss is the uselessness of yogas, and planetary combination names which supposedly effect you, like Kalsarp yoga, pitra josha, manglik, and kremdhum yoga. 
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Author of Astrology @ The Speed of light, Kapiel Raaj

Who am I? I am someone like you, who loves astrology to its core. I began my journey in the world of Astrology when I was first introduced to Vedic Astrology and its predictive methods through my uncle in India around 2000. I finally saw astrology for what it was, a divine science. I used to read my weekly and yearly horoscope sun sign, but never cared too much for it because it hardly ever came true and most of it was common information that can be applied to anyone. But, Vedic Astrology proved me wrong. Through its detail charts, time tables and true planetary degree I realized how accurate astrology really is. I found out the meaning of astrology. I finally knew who I was and what I was supposed to do in life, which sun sign really doesn't do. 

I have made this Website to teach everyone and anyone who is interested in knowing thyself. My mission is also to introduce to people the true astrolog;. astrology which is not a pseudoscience, but an actual mathematical chess that has to be played right. 

I have always been into the mystical world, which I found out in my horoscope as well; and this interest has kept me up and kept me going so far. Everyday is a new adventure into the world of unknown subjects. If you are interested in other unknown mystical subjects, then please check out my novel website; there you will find information on aliens, UFO, conspiracies and secrets of some ancient knowledge.  If you want to learn how to read your own birth chart, in vedic astrology, which is by far the easiest astrological chart you'll ever come across, then please visit my astrology book page.

What is so unique about Vedic Astrology? The best part about vedic astrology is that it provides remedies for all bad placements of the planets. The remedies that I will tell you are nothing like what most vedic astrological websites tell you. Gemstones, donations, feeding animals, yantras, nothing of that sort I support right now, not until it's scientifically proven that it helps you, however, what has worked for me, I share that with you in this website. 
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