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What are Divisional Charts in astrology? by Kapiel Raaj

They are the heart & soul of Astrology.

As I explained on ‘About the book page,’ how divisional charts are a vital part of Vedic astrology. They not only act as body parts in astrology, but give a detailed explanation on why a certain aspect of ones life are not working out according to their wishes. Divisional charts in Vedic astrology surgically opens up every single house, and give insights on exactly what that person is about. If someone wanted to know about their career, which is the most asked question in astrology, an average astrologer would look at a person’s birth chart, or ‘Lagna Chart’, Dashas (which I also explain in my book) and may be ‘Chalit Chart’ (which I discuss in the book), and that’s about it. Most of the time vedic astrologers give their failed prediction from such sources, and even though they are touching the surface of a person’s life, they are really not telling exact what the question asked. If someone asked, what career should they go into? An average astrologer will say you are good in a medical field, so go into it. But does that really help a client? No, not exactly. What should a client do in the medical field? How can the client find out what field of medical business he or she should be in; this is when an expert astrologer would come in. A good astrologer will not only look at the dashas, birth chart and the Chalit chart, but he or she will also look at the divisional chart called Dasamsa Chart, or the D-10 Chart. This chart is the heart of the 10th house in the main chart. If career is shown from the 10th house, then opening that house up surgically will show you the real story, where the dasamsa chart lies.  D-10 will not only tell he or she should go into the medical profession, but it will also tell if they should become ‘Nurse’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Surgeon’, ‘Dentist’, or should he or she should open up a medical business and hire doctors to work under them; this is why divisional charts are so important. No other astrology system in the world will have divisional charts; not even Egyptian. Mayan are very close, as they do provide ‘some’ divisional charts in their astrology, but their history and text of astrology are 90% lost
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