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How important are Yogas in Vedic Astrology?

If you are talking about the combination and conjunctions of planets, then they are very important. If you are looking at this in terms of certain definitions like Kal Sarop Yoga and Manglik dosha then you are lost. Combinations of planets are very important because certain planets are gaining or loosing certain energy by being in the same house as other planets. Sometimes planets act powerful when sitting with other planets, sometimes they become negative while sitting with other planets, nevertheless, the combination do not create a certain life events or situation as KSP, Manglik or Pitra dosha suggests, they simple act during their time period. Let’s say an astrologer tells you that you have ‘Kremdhum Yoga’ in your chart, and according to him it’s a very deadly combination because it creates poverty. Kremdhum Yoga simple means there are not planets on either side of the moon, per say 2nd and 12th from the moon, and there are no planets sitting with him, this creates a bad effect on the person. I can give you a good example of ‘Kremdhum Yoga’, myself. I have this combination in the worst place, and I have never lived in poverty, in-fact I live in United States, in one of the best neighborhoods.

This was the only example I needed to know that this yoga is useless. Also, to add more to the story, I have a really bad planet aspecting my moon who is an enemy of the moon and some will say if moon is being aspected by a planet except the nodes, then Kremdhum yoga is nullified, which is wrong; no aspect of any planet helps in such yoga. Even K.N. Rao has said most of the yogas are useless and do not hold any merit in the new millennium. You have to understand one thing, the Vedic text by Maha Rishi Prashara was written 5-8 thousand years ago, and back then the economical and governmental status was very different. In-fact there was no economical evaluation of any republic. They only had kingdoms back then. Neither did Prashara talks about any of the yogas especially Kal Sarp Yoga. Who made these yogas then? The scammers, who only wanted to make money through this pure science. Don’t get me wrong, the alignment of KSP is true in astrology when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu axis, but this doesn’t mean it’s creating a devastating effect for a person. If KSP did affect a person, then over 35% of the population would be suffering from this effect worldwide, and that is not the case.

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