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Sun is power, generator and creator of all things in life, including astrology. Without the sun’s power there would be no Rahu or Ketu, there would be no Ramdev or Obama. Sun not only is a generator of all life, but also the significator of powering ones soul, for that is why it’s considered the soul of a person in astrology. If the soul doesn’t have power to be activated, it will not encourage the individual to do something good in their lives against all odds. When we see a rich and famous person, we want to be like them, and we wonder how they got to that point. We only see the front, but we never see behind the scenes, and all the hours and hard work those famous rich people put in to get to the top. When sun is weak or deliberated in the horoscope, the individual will want to achieve things but with a shortcut, and everything they do they will fail at it because they do not understand the dynamics behind success: that success happens by taking a long hard road to the top than jumping on a helicopter and getting to the top.

When sun is in low degree of Libra, or situated in an evil house, it takes away the person’s drive and motivation to achieve success in life. This person give there all, but, they will never reap the results of their seed as others do until after midlife. Yes, a weak sun doesn’t mean you’re screwed for life; a weak sun gets stronger after the age of 35. It doesn’t matter if the sun is in Kander or not, if it’s delibeated then it’s stuck on its track till the age of 35. If a person has an excelled sun in Aries, the person would achieve a lot with their hard work; nevertheless, they will achieve success on time. Other planets do play some part, but if all the planets are well placed in the horoscope with a badly placed sun and the individual is still suffering, then it can only be one thing, ‘Rahu’ is sitting in sign of Leo ruled by the sun, which puts an eclipse on sun and takes away it’s power. If all the planets are well placed including the sun and the individual is still not achieving success, then again look at the placement of Rahu or Ketu again. Although I have always said Saturn is much more powerful than Sun, however, a strong Saturn with a weak sun in the horoscope will again give huge success but only after the age of 32 onwards. Sun is the electricity of a television. What good is a T.V. if there is no electricity?

Sun also represent our father or father figure in life, and when sun is badly placed, it creates problems between the native's father, or there would be a very bad relations between them. The heart, too, is represented by sun, and usually people with defective sun in the horoscope have high cholesterol or heart attack possibility.
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