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Saturn, according to my research is perhaps the most wealth giving planet, even before Venus and Jupiter. The misconception of Saturn aka 'Shani', was manipulated by those who didn't understand astrology too well. Everyone who wants to learn astrology leans it their own way, without ever respecting and knowing deeply about the original text of astrology; which are simple and understandable. Some astrologers always want to make things complicated or make a simple elephant into a zebra; this is why so many people are in fear of planet Saturn.

Saturn is not to be feared for any reason. The planets you should be fearful of are Mercury, Venus and Mars, as they rule our everyday life, while Saturn rules our broader outlook on life. Saturn represents the boss, grand parents and the servants, it also represents our Karmic back log. The position, sign, and nakshatra in which Saturn sits in your horoscope tell a great deal about how your life will be in terms of wealth, education, family and marriage. In the original form Saturn rules the 10th and 11th house, they are the houses of career and incoming gains, now what other planet rules such important aspect of our lives in these days as everyone is running after a stable career and gains. Venus is a signifactor of marriage, wife, romance and luxury life which can be related to wealth but the liquid wealth is controlled by Saturn and Jupiter.

A weak Saturn occurs when it's in the sign of Aries and Cancer, which are ruled by Mars and Moon (enemy of Saturn) in astrology. A weak Saturn causes problems for the house it sits and the houses it aspects since Saturn aspects the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th house from where it sits.

e.g. if Saturn is in the 3rd house, it will aspect the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 12th house from where it sits, and if it's sitting in the sign of Aries or Cancer in the 3rd house in a certain degree, it will make life of the native quite hard in terms of education, relationship with siblings, communication, children, fortune, and spirituality. Saturn is about delaying things, since it moves very slowly: 2.5 years in each sign. When Saturn is in a weak sign but a good house it becomes neutral, as in it may delay certain things but it will deliver them fur sure after mid-life, but if Saturn is in bad house, bad sign, and bad Nakshatra then it will delay or permanently delay certain things for life in a native’s life. Saturn is excelled in the sign of Libra, but that, too doesn't mean it will give good results all the time, because if Saturn is in the 7th or 1st house in any horoscope it will still delay the process of marriage for the native.
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