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If moon is the mind, then Mercury is our intelligence. Mercury rules are thinking ability, ability to solve problems, and deal with rocks in the way. Mercury rules the neck, hands and skin. When badly damaged, it can donate to lack of social skills, less traditional schooling, and lack of street smartness. Not only does Mercury affects our ability to analyze the world, and be less or more creative, it also rules our relationship with our siblings, and when badly placed in a horoscope, especially in the sign of Pisces, it can make the relations with the siblings very troubled some.  Mercury is at its lowest point in the sign of Pisces, and excelled in Virgo. Mercury is a quick moving planet, for that is why its offspring are quick paced people, people who think at a wimp, they are the people doing 10 things at a time and are able to mange them perfectly. Mercury is creativity in terms of art, writing, acting, media and computers. Most authors do not have well placed Mercury. How can that be? Mercury is intelligence and it takes intelligence to be a writer, right? Mercury provides the things we learn, and how we learn them, and although with a badly placed Mercury we may learn them the hard way, but we learn them. The situation that a person goes through with badly placed Mercury may actually provide a situation, drama and tragedy that may help them with their stories, writing, and the character development. J.R. Rowllen has Merucry badly placed in the 12th house of looses with moon and Venus. Mercury, when badly placed, or aspected by an enemy planet like Mars, can create skin problems and addiction problems.

Most people think that Saturn, Rahu or Mars are the biggest trouble maker in a person’s horoscope, but the most dangerous planets are Moon, Mercury and Venus that created the biggest hurtles. Mercury rules our everyday life, whether it’s domestic or professional, the 6th house is our everyday life, and the signifactor of the 6th house is Mercury.
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