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A strong Mars gives a person a very strong will power to achieve anything they want in life. If there is one planet that can even overcome a badly placed or weak sun; it’s Mars. There is a saying, “when there is a will, there is a way.” Mars, when excelled in Capricorn or 10th house, gives a person a unique power, power to achieve anything they like. This person has the will do become a doctor and lawyer at the same time, they can become actor and doctor as the same time, or they can become a scientist and prim minster/president of a country at the same time. But when Mars is weak, it sirens an alarm of danger to itself and others.

Mars is weak in Cancer or the 4th house, because Mars is a solider, a fighter, like Maximus in ‘Gladiator. Imagine putting him in a kitchen cooking, or taking care of a baby and even sitting in a neat and clean room with feathers enjoying a book; it will never work. A solder belongs in the battlefield, striving to win the war. Cancer is everything that Maximus would hate. When Mars is weak in an individual’s horoscope it denotes to anger problems, sex addiction, cheating on spouse especially if placed in Libra, but Mars sitting in Cancer aspects the sign of Libra. According to a study in India, most prostitutes had Mars in Libra or 7th house. Capricorn gives Mars a mental stability to be strong, and to not cheat on a spouse, while a weak Mars give them lack of will power, where he or she will be submissive to seduction. This is why when looking for a committed partner you must look at the placement of Mars. Now, not all Mars in Cancer or Libra will be male or female prostitutes. Depending upon the degrees, aspects and conjunction of Mars will also either nullify or increase those tendencies.  If Mars is in Cancer, but sitting in the 10th house alone or with Sun or Jupiter, this will give a 60/40 result, meaning, Mars is 60% good and 40% weak. But don’t think wearing a red corral will increase the energy of Mars. Red Corral has nothing to do with energy, chakras or astrology. This stone doesn’t really do anything, but people waste money in buying it over and over again. I’ve said before and will say it again, only Blue Sapphire and Diamond have any kind of energy to affect the person’s life. If you do want to wear a stone for Mars, wear a Ruby instead.
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