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The description below is mainly positive one, however, it can become completely opposite depending upon the sign, degree and the planetary conjuction in a particular house.


1.Venus- In the first house Venus gives all comforts of married life in the sing of cancer, Libra, Taurus, or Pisces. It also gives a glow to the person’s face in terms of beauty.

2.Venus- This is a very good place for people who are born with the silvers spoon in their mouth. This not only gives family wealth, and comfort, but also luxurious life all throughout life, with a beautiful partner. This also gives rise to most diamond jewelers, or gems dealer.

3.Venus- Venus in the 3rd house gives love for fashion, cinema, media and acting, just like the 5th house, but here the person takes his or her profession seriously, where in the 5th house it comes naturally to the native so they are able relax a bit more. This placement also gives more female siblings than male.

4.Venus- This is one of the best position for Venus, as not only Venus gives cars, houses, and lots of assets, it also gives peace in the home environment, even if the family was destructive before, however, after the child with this placement is born in the family, it creates a new kind of harmony. This is where Venus gains ‘DikBala’, its directional strength.

5.Venus- In the 5th house Venus gives supreme talent in the arts, cinema, music and writing. People with this placement usually become superstar of their industry, whether it’s fashion, movies, music or art. Venus in this house will only let the native work in a creative field, or keep their mind occupied in the creative side of life. This is also the best placement for experiencing romance all throughout life, even after marriage your wife or husband will be your newly found mate every morning.

6.Venus- Venus in the 6th house gives love for animals and again makes the native work in a creative field or finance, since Venus also rules the sign of Taurus, which is all about money and finance. These folks might also be working at banks, brokerage firm, animal shelter, or even fashion and photography, since 6th house rules everyday life.

7.Venus- This is a very good placement for Venus, here it will give a very beautiful spouse to the male native. This person can also become a jeweler, or works as a financial advisor to others.

8.Venus- This not a bad placement for Venus even though it’s the 8th malefic house. In the 8th house of death and rebirth, Venus gives lots of wealth through the family of wife; it makes the native lord of some institution, and gives easy loans from banks and family.

9.Venus- This is not a good placement for Venus at all most of the time. Here Venus is forced to live by the virtue of law, religion and spirituality, where Venus is all about material gains and love. Since Venus is a bit irritated in the 9th house, people with this placement marry someone outside of their culture, religion, race or town.

10.Venus- Venus in the 10th house doesn’t mean career in the arts, cinema or fashion, most of the time this placement is for finance career, where the native will be dealing more with females than males. The only time this can have a creative impact on the career if Venus is sitting under the sign of Libra, Leo or Gemini.

11.Venus- This is again a very good placement for Venus since Venus in the 11th house is all about gains of material wealth. Native with this placement will always have easy gains in their life, gains from liquid wealth, assets, property, vehicles, etc… .

12.Venus- Venus in the 12th house gives birth to someone who loves people more than material things. This particular Venus makes the person so spiritual that they tend to love everyone equally, and love not just one individual but the whole world. Venus in 12th house gives rise to a spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologist who want to help people and healing people.

Venus usually goes well in every house except the 9th house, which is the original house of its enemy Jupiter; however, since Neptune also has co-ruler ship on the sign of Pisces, it gives strength to Venus.

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