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2012 Sun Sign Horoscope

The following description gives a career clue based on western sun sign algorithm. Even though Sun represents the soul which is not your true personality. Your true personality is ruled by the sign your moon is placed in in your horoscope. I am still giving a description to carter to all lovers of astrology.

SUN in Aries- Sun in Aries represents a person who is very egoistic, self-centered and a leader. Sun is the soul in astrology, it's the ego, once driving force, and when it comes in the first sign of zodiac, it creates a person who is very proud of themselves and their heritage. Nothing will deter this person from achieving their goal, especially if they have mars in the 10th house. Sun in Aries makes a person a good manager, CEO or any kind of a position where they are the lead project manager.

SUN in Taurus- Sun in Taurus represents a person who is here to deal with financial & security aspect of life. They are here to master wealth, assets and comforts of life. These folks love luxurious restaurants, drinks, clothing & home since Taurus represents the 2nd house of astrology: wealth. If a person has Sun in Taurus in their horoscope, they will do very well in the financial world, like financial planning, stocks-&-bonds, asset management, real estate & banking. Taurus people are driven by security.

SUN in Gemini-  Sun in Gemini represents a person who is here to master the art of communication, whether it is media, arts, acting, producing, directing and especially writing. Sun in Gemini gives a person a very entrepreneurial  nature. These folks are jack of all trades and master of all trades. They are able to handle all tasks they take in any given field, like Mel Gibson. He can act, write, direct, produce & edit a film, like 'Passion Of Christ.'

SUN in Cancer- Sun in Cancer gives birth to a person who is very emotional, caring and here to give love to everyone. Cancer is a sign of emotional connection and feelings, since it's controlled by the moon. These folks are also very moody because, like the moon wax-&-wanes, they, too, go up-&-down in their emotions. Cancer people are very attacked to the people they love the most, especially their husband, wife, girlfriend and boyfriend. Sun in Cancer makes a person a good nurse, doctor, hotel manager, home business, cook, interior decorator and restaurant owner. Cancer also makes a good actor since acting requires a person to have natural emotions.

SUN in Leo- The charismatic Leo is a person who doesn't need to do anything to get the attention, they are simply born with an aura that attracts people to them. Sun in Leo represents our creative side, a side which requires fun & play. Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac, which means it controls the 5th house of children, creativity, cinema, theater, arts, music and media. Gemini & Leo are similar in these aspects. Leo people make the best entertainers, someone who is able to gather a crowd at one place and mesmerize them. Leo people will do best in media, cinema, fashion, arts & law. Law field also requires a good amount of acting in a person in order to win the jury.

SUN in Virgo- Women with Sun in Virgo are the most beautiful women, since Virgo represents feminine beauty. Virgo people are the hardest working people of the zodiac, these folks will work tirelessly to impress their bosses, managers & superiors, but, they work to complete the tasks in the most perfect manner possible than to just impress others. These folks are very detail oriented and check everything with a microscopic eye. Virgos do well in a corporate sector where their hard work, ability to see things in detail come in very handy. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, but this signs isn't about the communication side, but more so about networking side of mercury. They don't really care for the media, but rather they would work behind the scene or behind the camera and take care of all production details.

SUN in Libra- Sun in Libra is about beauty, fashion, interior designing; everything that Venus represents, since Venus rules the sign of Libra. Libra people are very diplomatic and well balanced people, they like to live in peace with others, since it is the sign of others.

SUN in Scorpio- Sun in Scorpio becomes intense, searcher of the truth, mystical personality and someone who wants to actually access their souls. Scorpio son people are individuals who want to know the secrets of life and universe. They will not stop and will never stop wanting to know the meaning of life; this is because they are the 8th sing of zodiac, and 8th house, which is the lowest and the deepest part of an astrological chart.
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