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The description below is mainly positive one, however, it can become completely opposite depending upon the sign, degree and the planetary conjuction in a particular house.


1.Sun- In the first house sun makes one proud with ego, someone who takes charge, and takes no for an answer. This gives very good health to the native depending upon the sign its placed in. Bones are strong, heart is healthy and education of a person is very good.

2.Sun- In the second house sun gives the legacy of a family, dealing with family wealth and business, a very clever person, someone who might be a restaurant owner or any business to do with home goods. This also gives rise to a political or government career.

3.Sun- In the third house sun makes a person media savvy, with strong will to succeed. This area brightens up a person’s communication.

4.Sun- In the forth house sun becomes powerful yet, a little dull. Sun looses its sight, as in ‘Dikbala’, to see the house it’s aspecting since this is an after midnight sun, but, since this is a Kendra house, it becomes more powerful than some other houses in the chart. In 4th house sun damages the home life a bit up until the age of 35. Lot of arguments with the father, and mother, especially father since sun represents the father, however it gives a house and a car to the native, and it gives good career after the age of 32.

5.Sun- 5th house is sun’s own house, where it does very well most of the time. It gives a person creative and artistic skills, gives the native a son in life unless the sun’s position is weak. Makes a person lucky in speculative business whiling giving lots of male company in life.

6.Sun- In the 6th house sun grows with time, and becomes better with time. This person will have no enemies, or he or she will expose their enemies since sun sheds light on the house of enemy and diseases. Here the sun makes a person an executive and a finance manager most of the time. This position also gives the ability to analyze situation especially in finance.

7.Sun- Here the sun is at its weakest since this is originally the house of Libra ruled by Venus. If weak, this can cause a lot of legal problems in business and marriage, which could end up in a divorce, however, this can also make a person famous if well placed since this is the house of others and masses; the bright light of sun will show your talent to everyone in the world.

8.Sun- In the eight house, if excelled or in own house gives a long life, ability to take big loans from not just banks but family and in-laws. In-laws will be very supportive of the native if well placed. 8th house is the home of wife, and married life, and this can give a bright positive light on that sector. If weak then life can be cut short unless being aspected by a benefic planet like Jupiter.
9.Sun- In this house it makes a person well versed in religion and following the riotous path. This also gives a very high educational status to a person, usually I have seen people in the law field with this placement, as sun is the king and 9th house is about law and order. A very good relationship with the father can be seen from this house as father will be very helpful to ones career.

10.Sun- This is perhaps the best placement of all the house, even better than the 1st house, as the 10th house is of career and public service, a person with a well placed sun rises in life to a high status like CEO or chairman of a company, this also gives an ability to work in the government and politics. Since this is the strongest Kendra house, the sun gets bonus qualities if well placed in a good sign.

11.Sun- In the eleventh house sun also gives good result in incoming gains, and liquid wealth. This position gives the native lots of male support and friendship, and makes a person a good manager. This position also promises a son since the sun is looking at the 5th house of children.

12.Sun- Usually planets don’t do well in the 12th house except the moon, but, the sun sheds his light on this house giving the native zero worries under stressful situation. No matter what the problem is, the native will sleep sound, and will be able to see all the secret dealing happening behind or against him or her. This also can take a native to foreign lands especially for cancer and Leo ascendants.

In conclusion, sun does well in most of the houses except 4th, and 7th, however, this only happens if sun is in a weak sign, in conjunction with a bad planet or being aspected by a bad planet.
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