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Yogas for spiritual life in Vedic Astrology

So you are on Google search engine trying to look for astrological articles to see what makes a person a spiritual person. What you might have imagined is a person in orange cloths and a beard on a mic talking about spiritual scriptures. That's the spirituality and spiritual person we have come to know but spirituality and its meaning has never been clearly defined. What makes a person spiritual is not his appearance or his preaching dialogs to the others; what makes a person spiritual is his awareness of who he or she is. You can be a mother of two and a supermodel on the side but you can still be a spiritual person. Spirituality is about being aware of your true self, as in where are you really from and where you really headed. What you do while you are aware of such things is no one's business. You can drink, eat whatever you want, curse and you can still com out as a spiritual person because you are aware of your real sense. Real sense as in while you are working as a construction worker you know in the back of your mind that you're a divine being who has existed on this plain for eons. You are simply playing the chess game of this 3 dimensional reality called earth.

But, most are not aware of such senses, most are lost, sleeping and following Santiago on the hill with other wool machines. The one's you are aware of there true sense simple just know. They don't need to declare it to the world or change anything about them. Few who I can mention as being aware are J. Krishinamurti, Yogananda, Vivekananda, Sri Yuktaishwair, Osho Rajnesh and Wayne Dyre.

The question is what are the combination for a person to realize who they really are, to realize t hey are eternal divine beings, people of highly intellectual galaxies in the Universe and folks from different dimension wanting to experience this three dimensional world as part of their enjoyment?

I will list some of the combinations you can see through Vedic Astrology to see if you are one of such beings who is not crazy about material world but is naturally attracted to the 6th world.

To see if you want your career, life, marriage, children all to reflect a spiritual reflection, here are the astrological combos.

These are the following Vedic astrology yogas for spiritual life.

  • sanyasa yoga
  • muni yoga
  • kemdrum dosh
  • moksha yoga
  • Virshichi yoga
  • punch maha purush yoga
  • nakshatras
  • divisional charts
  • difficult chart
  • The 3 elements and their balance

Sanyasa yoga: This yoga happens in when 4 or more planets are present in a horoscope while one of the planets is connected with the 10th house known as karma sthan. Karam meaning work, duty. Mostly this combination should occur in 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th and 12th house.

Muni yoga: this is yoga occurs when ascendant of the navamsa chart and ascendant lord of the birth chart are together in the birth chart. This is the yoga of Munis. Muni simply means spiritual person. Someone who is naturally attacked to life of spiritual desire and has no desire for money, home, family or status. (Timing of birth must be extremely accurate for this).

Kemdrum yoga: this yoga occurs when moon is alone in the horoscope, as in there is no planet 12th or 2nd from the moon or conjunct the moon and nodes do not count. This person likes to live an isolated life, and loves their own company. Such yoga is very important for a person to enjoy their own meditative state.

Moksha yoga: This yoaga occurs when Sun, Moon and ascendant lord along with Ketu are in 1st, 8th or 12th house. This is the yoga of a person who is living their last physical life and will gain access to the 64th dimension.

Virinchi yoga: This yoga occurs when Jupiter and Saturn are in kendra in good strong signs while 5th lord is in the trikon or kendra houses. Such yoga gives indication of spiritual life and wanting to leave material world behind.

Panchmahapurush yoga: This  yoga occurs when a planet is in its own sign in kendra houses which are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house. But, not all planets may give promised success as a spiritual soul. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Sun are 4 planets that extremely disciplined regarding spiritual practices. Jupiter is the spiritual guru, Saturn is the planet that breaks the ego down and humbles a person, Mars shows great solider like discipline to wake up each morning, do proper yoga, meditation, and sticking to a strict diet while Sun is the atmakaraka and the karaka of the soul which is everything for spiritual evolution. If such yogas occur in the Navamsa chart then it confirms a highly learnered spiritual person.

Nakshatras: Certain nakshatras become very important for spiritual life, as in, Ashwini, Bhrani, Krittika, Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Vishaka, Mula, Sastabisha, Purva bhadrapada and Reviti. Such nakshatra hold the power to destroy and re build things in life. Universe and Spirituality are depend upon destruction before having sustenance. Nakshatras are constellation working behind the scene of a zodiac signs. It is said that nakshatras were the first zodiac signs of ancient astrology and zodiac signs that you know of today came much later.

divisional charts: Divisional charts in vedic astrology plays a very important role regarding spiritual lifestyle. Vimshamsha and Navamsa chart are one of the most important charts to see a person will live a spiritual life. Vimshamsha the D20 chart and Navamsa D9 Chart show the true inner progress in life. Placement of the yogas mentioned in this articles much also be present in these two charts along with Jupiter in Trikon or Moksha houses.

Difficult chart: This is the easiest giver of all. A person with difficult chart as in life of hard knocks and walls all around are the ones who actually make it to the light of the spiritual world. When people have it easy in their life, life seems bland, predictable and sheltered; but when you do not know where and how your next meal is coming from, those are the people who do whatever they have to to each enlightenment. The more bad yogas and bad avastas a person has in their chart, the more they learn the real "valuable" lessons of life vai which they are able to teach others how to live life wih utmost pleasure.

Three Elements: In Vedas and Ayurveda we have three elements known as Vatta, Pita and Karpa. One represents our youth, one represents our adult hood and the other our old age. Karpa is our Youth, Pita is your adult hood and Vatta is our old age. In spiritual progress Vatta becomes vital because it represents age old wisdom which is transmitted through speech and writing. A guru always teaches with his lectures or books. Vatta signs are Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. Karpa becomes important as well because this is the element of water, emotions and most important of all "Intuition". Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. Pitta is the least element we need as it show cases a very flamboyant guru who loves fame and name to be recognized. Karpa energy is about our begining where we our nutured as a child, Pitta is where we become bold, aggressive, and show-offy while Vatta represets slow, calm, cool and collective individual. But remember, there must be a balance between the three elements for a person to advice others on spiritaul groth or their own. Life is not always red, yellow and blue; it's the mixture of all these three colors.

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