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What creates poverty in ones life in Astrology

In a person's horoscope, there are many good or bad combinations. There is not a single person who has an all perfect chart, including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

But, What creates a situation in one's horoscope that makes them beg for pennies. There are several conditions in a birth chart that can bring about these situations.

The first thing that can create poverty in a person's life is the placement of their moon. Moon is very important in astrology, more than even sun sign. Moon represents your mind, your feelings and your emotions which makes you, 'you'. When that is damaged, it not only brings depression and stress in ones life, but it makes them make bad decisions in life which leads to financial failure. What are those things & combination that bring a person down to poverty line?

1. Kemadhruma Yoga: This is a combination in astrology where moon is sitting alone in a chart with no planet 2nd to the moon and no planet 12th to the moon, meaning; if your moon is placed in the 10th house, and there are 12 houses in astrology, then there should be no planet in the 11th house or the 9th house in order for moon to be considered alone. If a planet is in conjunction with moon that is also considered the canceling of this yoga. However, if Sun, Rahu or Ketu are in conjunction or placed in 2nd and 12th from the moon, then it doesn't cancel this yoga. This yoga can effect a person's  youth, but releases them front his after the age of 18 or 32 but never in the middle.

2. Sun and Moon conjunction: When sun and moon are both sitting in the same house, especially less than 5 degrees from each other, then it could create poverty, because, moon is water and sun is fire. When water is near fire, it can take out the fire and energy of the sun, but when water is used for such purpose, it then evaporates and leaves the moon dehydrated. This cancels any good effect that sun and moon might have given to the person. Also, whenever Sun and Moon are in one house, it is a no moon cycle which represents darkness in ones life for the first half of their life.

3. When Rahu is in conjunction with the sun or aspecting the sun. Rahu is known as the eclipse in the sky, and when it's sitting with sun in the same house, it creates an eclipse in front of the sun, taking away its good qualities up until the age of 34. But, after the age of 34 it releases the person from its burden because eclipse is never lasts forever.

4. If Rahu is in the 2nd house, that too can lead a person to suffer financially up until the age of 32, because till that time the native won't be able to save money, which is represented by the 2nd house. If a person has Rahu in the 2nd house, then they should do business rather than work under someone else.

These are some of the factors that create poverty in ones horoscope, but an entire chart has to be analyze in order to make any kind of accurate predictions in astrology.

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