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Moon through houses in Vedic Astrology

1.Moon in the 1st house- In the first house moon makes a person a loaner like the 12th house. This position however makes a person think very logically and practically. Every move is calculated, and they do not tend to be very emotional unless being aspected by Mars in cancer, as in a Capricorn ascendant. Moon in the first house makes a person a restless, but a good business mind. But usually ruins the relationship with mother if in the enemy sign. Moon the ascendant usually shows a person who was nurtured by their mother and have taken on the identity of the mother and her values upon themselves and their personality. The native is very sensitive, emotional, imaginative and willing to help others all throughout life because ascendant is the controller of all the aspects of life. The face would be round and a bit chubby. The native would also have motherly and feminine qualities, but Moon is that one planet where the sign placement will determine its true nature like i.e. Moon in Aries would make the native very impulsive, aggressive and anger in nature. Their emotions would always be on the edge. Moon in Libra will be someone high on life, soft, gentle, creative and balanced in mind and nature.

2.Moon in the 2nd house- Moon in the second house is not so good placement for moon, since it gives lots of wasteful spending habits to a person, and they can’t control their spending, however the person usually is born in a wealthy family, but they are very extravert, especially in the sign of Leo and Gemini. The mind will always be involved with family, family history, speech and wealth The native would be close to their family and family assets and would be very much about raising a family. Such people are soft spoken, emotional regarding their family's well being and usually make good restaurant owners or family business owners. The mother of the native would be a house wife, has taken upon father's lineage as her own and has tremendous knowledge the family tree. There is a also great need to emotionally communicate with ones family before and after marriage. If there is no emotions involved with their loved ones it can cause depression to the native. Moon is also responsible for water and ocean tides, this why wherever Moon sits there will be ups & downs, here Moon can cause the native to always have ups & downs in their savings by being over spenders. Such people would also be interested in occult and astrology because Moon's aspect on the 8th house.

3.Moon in the 3rd house- Moon in the third house makes a person very witty, and clever. In this position the person has good communicative ability however, their relationship with the mother suffers since this is originally the house ruled by Gemini Mercury, and Mercury is the enemy of Moon, but Moon is neutral to Mercury. This house gives love for media, writing, and journalism. A person can have a very spiritual mind, too. The mind would be greatly involved with siblings, close neighbors and friends. These people are build for sales and advertising because they are curious about others, and they are curious about how to gather the crowd. There may be a bit discomfort from the mother or lack of nourishment from the mother but a great feeling of comfort from siblings. Since 3rd house is also the house of self efforts the mind has the ability to make the effort towards it's goals. But if Moon is in the sign of Mercury, Venus or Pisces then the native would be inclined towards writing and speaking. But the mind is always involved in advertising, marketing, sales and working with hands. This also makes for a great sculpture and artist.

4.Moon in the 4th house- Moon in the 4th house is one of the best positions for moon since this is the original house of moon, and moon feels at home, and this is the house of home life and house of mother. The home life of a person is blessed with moonshine, as the person has good and harmonious relationship with the mother, father and siblings. Married life, too, is blessed for this person. Moon in the 4th house is directly linked to the mother and home. The mind is always thinking about issues related to the mother, home, land and property. They are always trying to improve the condition of the home physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Mother would be a house wife, quite emotional and very much involved with her kids. The teachings of the mother would have more or greater impact than academic teachings. These folks always like having their home based business, working in nursing homes, children and nursery school. The mind feels balanced once they have the security of their own home like owning their own land or house. This placement also impacts the career and the native might be a nurse or care taker.

5.Moon in the 5th house- This position makes a person very artistic, gives them talent in acting, expressing emotions, however, this position can also give struggle in education if the moon is not strong, because moon is a very sensitive planet, and being 5th house of Leo it feels hot and uncomfortable. But Moon makes the native very creative especially in terms of acting, performing arts and being emotionally involved with children. This can show someone who is a child psychologist, actor, comedian and someone who response to creativity with emotions. They can be great emotional romantic writers because 5th house is also the house of romance, because romance involves being creative. The mind is always occupied with entertainment, social and matter of children. The mother herself might have been a artist, or art teacher, took care of the native in all their extra curriculum actives and was quite confident and proud woman. This placement also shows good deeds from past life because having any benefic planet in the 5th house gives very good results in terms of wealth. One thing you want to make sure is that Moon is waxing and not waning. Waning moon is considered malefic in Jyotish. During Moon's dasha the native would have sudden urge and emotional need to be creative, have children and raise children.

6.Moon in the 6th house- If moon is sitting alone in the 6th house without Jupiter or Venus, then relationship with the mother is damaged, the person is used by co-workers, they are not given respect at the work place, the person is also prone to depression and mind illnesses like schizophrenia and being bi-polar, however the bi-polar problem usually comes when moon is sitting with Saturn and Mars, or any malefic planet, where it’s being hemmed between them. Sixth house is the original house of Virgo, which represents meditation and eating healthy, usually people with such placement become doctors and nurses or alternative healers. There is a great need of being critical, analytical and focused on details of all the tasks they take at hand, but the problem here is the mind is constantly involved with obstacles and issues of others and arrangement disagreements. There would be great conflicts with the mother if Moon is a bad sign, the mother might become the enemy psychologically due to her being the obstacle in obtaining mental balance. Such folks also go through constant depression. Such people can also be suffering water retention, heart and lack of sleep. This also indicates someone who's mind likes to be involved in conflicts like a attorney, but for that Moon has to be in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn.

7.Moon in the 7th house- In the seventh house moon gives a good wife, and a good relationship in a marriage, and business partnership. The person becomes a diplomat in this house, usually very understanding of others. Moon's mental stability comes when there is balance in relationship with spouse, and other people. Such a moon is quite creative in terms of design, artistic, business and loves forming partnership. Such moon people need to be in a relationship to feel balance, they feel uncompleted without their other half. But this spouse is very motherly, emotional and sensual. Since 7th is 10th from the 10th, the career can also involve things related to moon like medical, nursing, import export, sea, female products, mind therapist, psychologist, restaurant owner, even a public servant since 7th house is the house of other people and Moon represents local government. Since 7th house is originally ruled by Libra, Moon here needs a creative aspect in their relationship, trade and work. They usually make business decision emotionally rather than logically unless Moon is in the sign of Virgo or Capricorn. The mother herself could be a business woman, diplomat for the government or involved in father's business. But mainly the native's emotional balance comes when they are in company of others.

8.Moon in the 8th house- This is mostly a bad placement for the moon, as it makes the native’s mother addicted to drugs, and alcohol, which also damages the relationship with the mother. This can also cause depression and psychosis in a person, but only in small cases, but this placement makes a person a mystic as well, as the mind is submerged in the underground world. People can do well in mining and oil industry in this house as they like to dig deep into the matter of things and business, especially detective. The 8th house deals with occult, things buried underground, secrets we hold, accidents and sudden events, and since Moon is a soft and gentle planet, it finds it very hard to deal with some of the most dramatic ups & downs of life that comes the native way, but there is also tremendous interest in the occult, the native can have healing power, psychic powers and power to foretell the future, this is why a good astrologer can have such position in D1 or D9 chart. If Moon is in the 4th pada of any nakshatra there would great deep rooted issues with the mother. Either the native was abandoned by the mother or there is lack of nourishment from the mother due to her psychological problems. But, if Moon is exalted or in its own sign of Cancer, then mother might have been a doctor, in medicine, healer and helped the native out of many dramatic events. But, there are always sexual secrets with the native. Either the native is over sexed and desired sex all the time or there might be sexual abuse in early childhood, especially in nakshatra of Rahu and Mars.  

9.Moon in the 9th house- In 9th house moon makes a person be very religious, than spiritual. The native will also take long pilgrimage and could become a good teacher. This gives high status in life, education and work if situated well. These people usually make good professors at college, especially in the subject of philosophy. 9th house represents your teachers, gurus, teaching of your father, higher learning, philosophy, belief system and religion, this why Moon (the mind) is always inclined towards such things. The person would be quite religious, law-abiding, takes lots of interest in studying higher philosophical or religious text and the mother herself would be involved in religion or religious duty all throughout her life. The mind feels balanced when it's in presence of teacher or people who can teach things to the native that are of higher calling. Priest, university professors and scholars can be seen from such placement, also there is lot od interest in traveling for religious purposes, art of writing especially writing philosophical texts. But, if Moon is debilitated then the native would be find obsession with one's religion that may lead to a demanded mind, a mind that might only see things as in black & white. The native might think his or her religion is the only one that should be followed and they would kill under the name of God. If Rahu is with Moon then the person would adapt to a foreign culture or foreign religion.

10.Mooni n the 10th house- This position is good for all planets, and in the 10th house moon gives a career in the medical field or hotel business to most of the people, especially if it’s in the sign of cancer, Libra or Pisces. A female with tenth house moon can becomes some of the best nurses. 10th house isn't just about career, it's actually about the ups & downs in career. However, the true picture of the career is seen from the 7th house which is 10th from the 10th, so it's the career of the career house. But, Moon becomes bright and mystical in 10th house. Moon in Vedic Astrology also represents local government like state government, city government while Sun is the federal government, so Moon being in the 10th house can show someone who works in a local government, is very soft and gentle in their professional life and they usually make emotional decision regarding work and career. Besides being some of the best nurses, Moon also represents imagination, music and creativity, while in the 10th house it can also show a singer or artist with lot of fame, but one has to see if the moon was waning or waxing during time of birth. Waxing moon is benefic while Waning moon is malefic. But, Moon can show ups & downs in career due to it ruling the tides of the ocean, and like the tides, it will make the house go up & down.

11.Moon in the 11th house- Another best position for the moon when placed in the 11th house of gains like for Cancer ascendants. In this position the native has lots of female friends, easy gains, easy gains of property and assets. Gives a very religious and spiritual mother, and the mother usually benefits with a baby who has this moon position. 11th house is the house of large network, and large organization, Moon here needs to connect to people in order feel mental balance. These folks love making new friends, and making new connection, because through that they learn, and they grow as a human being, including their mind. They are regular party goers, fund raiser organizers, and in finance. The mother could have been a PR agent herself, or very social house wife who had regular parties at her place. But, if Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, then the native would be more scientific and worldly in their approach and will tend to define everything through modern scientific methods. They are also a bit eccentric as they run by the beat of their own drums. Usually this Moon needs to read a lot and maintain up to date information of their field in order for them to feel balanced. This placement also gives great gains through mother, children and artistic pursuits. Even though 100% of the population has hopes & wishes for themselves, Moon in the 11th house usually gets their wishes and hopes fulfilled due to it being the house of gains and income. 11th house is also the most important upachaya house in terms of wealth and gains.

12.Moon in the 12th house- This position gives birth to very talented writers, healers, and spiritual personalities, the moon here gives permanent settlement into foreign lands, far from home; usually a person crosses the sea since moon represents water. This gives a very spiritual mother, as the mother becomes a very strong figure in the native’s life. This also gives huge profits from far off lands as well. In this position the moon gives lots of hidden talent and powers to the native, with a very deep and creative mind. 12th house is solitude and isolation, and wherever moon is placed one needs their mental balance through that house, so such folks are always in need for me time or lone time. They have to extract themselves from the public or crowd of people often to re-energize their mind and soul. The mind is always involved in esoteric things like astrology, aliens, ufo, meditation and spirituality. The mother herself would be very spiritual would be a world traveler. One thing to watch out for is occasional depression with this moon especially when Saturn is transiting through it or aspects through transit, because there is great pressure to work and take on responsibility while moon in 12th house folks needs to retrieve themselves from the world and would rather make their income from an isolated place.

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