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Mahadasha, dasha & antra dasha
What is a Dasha? (Planetary time periods)
(small section from my book)

Dasha - it simply means “A given time period”. It is also known as (Vimshottari dasha).

In Vedic astrology, your life span is control by a single planet at certain points of your life. Even though your entire chart is affecting you, the majority of events will be happening of a planet that is controlling your life for that time period, and depending upon its placement in your chart, it will provide either good or bad time in your life. The Dasha system is determined by your Nakshatra. We’ll discuss Nakshatras later which are very important.

How to judge a dasha in jyotish?

This process will become an easy task but in the beginning it will look a bit complicated.

When judging if your dasha will be good or bad you must take in account of several factors.

The dasha lord itself is the primary factor. The maha dasha lord whose cycle you're running should be judge on these factors below.

exalted sign
own sign
friendly sign
enemy sign
In conjunction with a functional malefic
In conjunction with an enemy
Aspects on the dasha lord
Is it in Kendra or Trikona
Dasha lord placement in divisional charts like D3, D9 and D10
What are the points of the planet in 'Dik bal' and 'Shad Bal'

Exalted: Is your dasha lord exalted in a certain sign? like Jupiter in cancer or Saturn in Libra where a planet gains maximum strength. This will help the planet in giving the maximum amount of positive result during its dasha and antra dasha period.

Own sign: Is the planet placed in its own sign: Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius, Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces or Sun in Leo etc... This is perhaps is even a stronger placement per my studies as a planet feels most comfortable in its own sign, since it's its own house. Any person will feel comfortable in their own house rather than in a luxury hotel of a exalted sign. 

Friendly Sign: Is the planet placed in a friendly sign? like Jupiter in Leo, Aries or Scorpio, or Venus in Aquarius, Mercury in Libra. This position is not as strong as the two above but this still gives decent result in dasha period.

Enemy sign: Now if a planet is placed in an enemy sign, it can give quite a bit of struggle and trouble during its dasha. If Sun is in Capricorn, Saturn in Leo or Cancer, Mercury in Aries or Sagittarius. Here, the planet is forced to live in the house of enemy where it's constantly worried and paranoid. The planet is agitated being in a foreign yet enemy environment.

Debilitated: If the dasha lord is debilitated then it can give lot of downward cycle in the horoscope if other factors are not present. If Sun is in Libra or Saturn is in Aries, then planet lose their dignity and status, which can make a person insecure during its dasha, they can lose their reputation and status in society during their dasha etc.. But sometimes these planet can even give lot of wealth due to deceiving people and cheating people. If Mars is debilitated then during its dasha it can give accidents and surgery but at the same time it will give you a very aggressive nature to get what you want. You can be forceful and threaten people in getting your way, like a gangster or mafia member. You can scam people and make money, but a certain placement of a debilitated planet can also land you in jail due to those things, especially if debilitated planet is in the 12th house.

Functional malefic: another way to see if the dasha will have trouble is by seeing if daha lord is in conjunction with a functional malefic, especially less than 5 degrees. I've discussed functional malefic in this book, where every ascendant has a planet that becomes a trouble some planet even though it might be a benefic like for Cancer ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of the 6th house, which makes him a temporary malefic planet for this ascendant. It can cause debts and diseases and lot of obstacles for the native if it's not well placed in the chart. i.e. if in cancer ascendant Moon and Jupiter are in conjunction in the 10th house, especially less than 5 degrees apart, then during moon dasha the person can inquire debt due to career and business, they can suffer from depression since moon is the mind and Jupiter is the 6th house lord of diseases and their own guru and teacher can become an obstacle for them. However, Jupiter can give good result in its dasha or antar dasah if it's placed in its own sign in the 6th house, 8th or 12th house as functional malefic for cancer ascendant, which will create a Vipreet Raj Yoga, (reversal of fortune), this shows when a person who is suffering in life will suddenly win a lottery or suddenly gain a lot of wealth. If Jupiter is exalted for Cancer ascendant as a functional malefic, then it shows victory of enemies, strength to over come obstacles and repaying of debt on time, but even an exalted Jupiter can give health problems and other things.

Conjunction with enemy: If two planets are not friendly to each other then during their dasha they can give mixed results due to their planetary war. If Saturn and Mars are in conjunction, then during each of their dasha they take the native to higher management status including fire fighter, engineer etc.. but, they can also get lot of cuts & bruises, car accidents and burns due to Mars being fire, Saturn being oil and mixing them together is not a very healthy choice, not to mention Saturn and Mars are not too friendly to each other.

Aspects on dasha lord: You must also check if dasha lord or antar dasha lord is receiving an aspect from a friendly planet or an enemy planet. If the dasha lord is well placed, but it has an aspect from a debilitated or enemy planet then it can cause set backs again. If the dasha lord is reciving an aspect from a friendly plaent who is strong and well placed then it will add to the support for the planet during its dasha period.

Rest is in my book (Astrology @ The Speed of Light)

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