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GEMSTONES IN Vedic Astrology
Do Gemstones really work in Vedic Astrology by Kapiel Raaj

The first question you want to ask yourself, is the power of gemstones really related to astrology? Gemstones were never part of the original text of 'Parashara Hora Shastra', which is a book written by Maha Rashi Parashara on astrology and remedies of astrology. Gemstones came to play a role in astrology from 2547 B.C., when trade between Egypt and Indian began. In those days, Egyptians came from a long journey to get the best Blue Sapphire for their pharos from the mines of Kashmir. This is why the term 'Kashmeri Sapphire' or Kashmeri Ruby' has such a profound effect on a seller and buyer, because they know the value of such stones. Kashmir has the richest mines of Blue Sapphire.

When the Egyptians came to get such precious stones, they paid the highest prices for them with pure gold. During their business dealings, the Indians discovered the science of gemstones powers, and their magic. It was the Egyptians who knew the real power of Blue Sapphire, and its relations to Saturn, including their God Amun Ra, whose symbol is a top view of Saturn, like the picture here which is the symbol of Ra. The blue sapphire gemstones has a certain chemicals and  minerals, that attracts 'Dark Energy' towards itself and absorbers it within its own body. This energy, has a mind and life of its own, which on humans, either provides positive energy, or death inflicting aura upon the wearer. Just because you got into an accident by wearing a blue sapphire, doesn't mean your Saturn is bad, or you should never wear such stone. One must wear several different stones as each stone as its own personality, agenda, and life. It must be a perfect match in order to have harmony in ones life.

To learn more about gemstones, their relations to planet, and purpose, click here.

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The only gemstone known to work with a 150% guarantee is also the most powerful gemstone in the world, although it's a stone, it's a natural formed black stone, and that's why it's a precious gemstones known as,  'Salagram Sila', which should not be sold, or bought with money, rather found or given by a higher master. Myth has it that Amitabh Bachchan's grandfather posses this stone, now, how accurate is this information? I do not know, until I speak to Mr. Bachchan myself and confirm it.

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