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Free Astrology Reading?

This is a question I asked myself 13 years ago when trying to understand astrology. Then, I came upon a great video by a sait who said, "No one has more vested interest in you than you" ~ Kriyananda. No astrologer or other human being would care for your horoscope as much as you would. This is why one must learning the science of astrology themselves and help themselves in understand who they are. Most think astrology is either  very difficult subject to learn or too complicated to comprehend. This is where I step in and prove you wrong. Astrology was written for every human being to understand and satisfy their thirst for mystics and mysteries of life. I have made understanding astrology and planetary alignment very easy for everyone. If you check out my youtube channel "KRSchannel", you will see that my channel is not talking about your daily, weekly or yearly horoscope reading, but rather specific meaning of planetary alignments in your own horoscope; this way you can know thyself.

When you try to understand astrology by yourself or through a blog you may grasp may be 20% of it's true meaning. But, when you watch a visual presentation as I give in my books and videos, you will see that astrology is a walk in the park. It doesn't matter if you are searching for "Free Vedic Astrology reading", or "Free Astrology reading", you have landed on the page that was destined for you find. I not only make astrology easy, but fun and entertaining. If you also check out my celebrity horoscope on Youtube, you'll know how I do astrology. But after going through many teachers and readings in my life, I understood one thing, one must find themselves through their own self-efforts and there own analysis. Because when you understand the dance of planets yourself, and the secrets they hold about this solar system, you will automatically be in tuned with their vibrations, which in actuality are radio waves hitting the earth.

On my SHOP page I have also created a brand new astrological report section where you will find the most accurate horoscope reading as in most accurate planetary alignment at the moment you were born. Many websites on the web, at least over 80% will give different degree and planetary alignments because most of the time the coder doesn't update all the co-ordinates of the cities, or they get the entire data base from a place which never used the most accurate data base to began with. I finally found the software that gives the most accurate placement of planets based on NASA database. I also offer a free PDF astrological report under option 5 on shop page. If you are reading this before September 7th, the option may not be up on the page. Come back at 6:00 am on September 7th when I launch this service on my page which has been requested by thousands of you.

I reason why I do not do readings or stopped doing them in 2009 because I didn't follow the proper guidance and methods of doing a reading. When you are an astrologer who are in-control of someone else's destiny, and when doing such things you cannot drink, eat meat, and you must do meditation for at least 2 hours everyday to build your intuition and receive blessings of this Universe. Anytime someone follows a wrong path in life as 99% people do including me, your own luck and the luck of the client suffers. This is why only show your horoscope to people who very spiritual and follow the laws as I mentioned. I am not a bad person but we all eat cheese burgers, chicken, beer etc..

When you see "Free astrology reading", remember, nothing in the world is free except salvation. The free reading you get from mostly all the websites are computerized, without any guidance or help. A computerized reading is never accurate because it doesn't have the element of human intuition and analysis. This is why I am writing this article as many of you are trapped in a notion that there is a place where a free reading would be possible. yes, it can be true if some satwic person is doing a free reading, but it would be very hard to find. But the main point it, getting a reading isn't as much fun when you start seeing the true picture through your own eyes.

Many of you search the terms like "Saturn in the 12th house in Gemini" or "Mercury in the 4th house in Pisces", these are the search terms I was using back in 2002 when trying desperately to  understand my chart. This is why I created my Youtube channel and wrote book on astrology in a way that has never been done before. In my books like "Conjunction @ The speed of Light" or "Aspects @ The speed of Light", I don't just briefly tell you about conjunctions or aspects, no, I take you from 2 all the way to 8 planetary conjunctions in a horoscope and their meanings, how to study conjunction in terms of degrees and I teach you aspects with meaning of each aspect, planets aspect through each house including some of the secrets of aspects in astrology. You can get these astrology books here.