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Corporation and You
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Chaning your luck by Incorproating yourself: Kapiel Raaj

legal disclaimer

"Kapiel Raaj is not an attorney or CPA, you must take advise of a professional in regards to forming your corporation or LLC, this article is simply a personal opinion of the author based on his personal experience. Please watch the video as suggested in the article before reading about the subject. "

After watching my video on "How to change your luck in astrology", you must have several questions about when to form a corporation, what does it really change and how can someone apply the same methods if they are not in a business but in a job. I am assuming you have watched this video on my youtube channel or this page. The first thing you need to know is the birth of your corporation doesn't start from the time county or city registers it, that's just the formality of a nurse filling out the birth certificate at the hospital the next day for your baby. The birth of your corporation starts from the moment you "sign" the final dotted line at the bottom. That's is the time when "You" created your entity. But one must understand, this remedy of forming a separate entity does not solve your personal or health problems, those will always exist. This remedy is strictly for your professional life. Your new corporation will have its own cycle, it will have its own mahadasha, chara dasha, sadisati, arishta yoga etc.., so no corporation is perfect. Just like humans, a corporation goes through its ups and downs like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle etc..., they all have seen their highs, lows and highs again.

When is the best time to do it? there are several ways. One, you have to first know what exactly is your business about? if you are in the business of oil and petroleum then forming a corporation with Saturn in 8th house exalted or in the sign of Scorpio with Mars forming a Raj yoga with Saturn would be one way. If a struggling actor wants to do the same then they should have prominent connection between planets of 1st, 3rd and 5th house including Rahu in 3rd, 7th or 10th house. But you want to form a corporation with moon in such a placement that your Raj Yoga mahadasha starts first along with other good dashas. If you are an actor with Venus forming a dhan and Raj Yoga in the LLC or Corp chart then make sure Moon is in the first pada of a nakshatra ruled by Venus, like Brahani, Purva Phalguni or Purva Ashada. It's not a good idea to start a corporation with moon in Pada 4 because you will be at the end of that mahadasha. If you want that success in gas station business mahadasha of Saturn in good position would be a great start, in such case you want Moon to be in pada 1 of Saturn nakshatra like Uttara Bhadrapada or Pushya. The other way would be to just form the corporation in a good time period overall so no matter what you do it will be good for your new baby. Most of the time an indvidual can have any name ofr their new entiity, but having it under your name would be a good idea as it's your mirror image being created in the maya ruled by Rahu.

This is a task for an expert to analyze what is good and what is not good for a person. I have my rules and limitation and as my good friend Kavendra said: An astrologer should have his or her limits on how much they can interfere with a person's destiny; I try my best to stay out of it. This is why I stick to career consultation by telling you your passion and not directing your life, in marriage I only do your timing and not matching you with your partner and telling you both that this is not a good match. I will not effect anyone's destiny in a dramatic way as normal astrological counselors do; only a few should have such a task to decide for another person.

To see if business or a job suits you, in such case I can help by seeing what your planetary frequency is saying, what your free will is doing and if the glue of Mahadasha is there to bring all these three things together. If you are in a job then how can you change that? this is something you will have to talk to an attorney first and then your employer, as in if employer makes you a independent contractor and gives you the check under your newly formed business rather than just under your name that would be come under the umbrella of this article, but in such case you may not get all the health and other benefits as a regular W2 employee, this is why you must get a consultation from accountant, attorney and your employer. This remedy may not be good for most people.

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