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Success in Law Career

There is a fine line between Lawyer, financier and a teacher. In my career consultation database after collecting 102 horoscopes I see no specific nakshatra playing a major role in terms showing law as the profession. I have seen every nakshatra playing a part. The only nakshatra stood out for me was Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, that, too, occurring in people finance and teaching profession. The most important point I noticed in all the charts of lawyers was Jupiter and Saturn's influence on 5th and 9th lord and sign of Sagittarius and Virgo.

Jupiter is the karaka of law, teaching and finance. This is why it's very hard to distinguish which angle Jupiter will take the native in. The houses which become the most important is 9th, 6th and 8th house. Yes, we all know 10th house is the work environment and highest of impact in the world. But relying just on 10th house for career can lead you to major failure in career analysis.

Even looking at Amatyakaraka will not truly give you a picture of career in law. I have seen every planet becoming Amatyakarka (planet with the 2nd highest degree) which is responsible for career and earning. The common factor amongst those planets was the sign of Sagittarius and Virgo. Sagittarius is the original 9th house of law, written law, government administration, counselors, advisors. Sign of Virgo is about dealing with disputes, litigation and facing enemies which is a very common theme in life of a lawyer.

Mercury is another strong factor regarding lawyers as it requires to talk, write and argue. The theme of argument has always been supported by Mercury Mars conjunction. Either these two planets will aspect each other, or Mars will aspect one, or through rashi aspects they will look at each in the birth chart. Rashi aspects are described by Prashara which are similar to Jamini aspects. All dual signs aspect each other, all Movable sign aspect fixed signs except the one next to it and all fixed sign aspect movable sign except the one next to it. I have made a video on this already on youtube.

Saturn is the judge and jurry. Saturn is about obeying the law, following the rules and being strict principled towards law of nature and law of the land. A prominent Saturn always makes a person fight for injustice, fight for the weak, fight for quality without and prejudice. Whenever we use the word prominent in a chart it shows a planet is sitting in kendra or trikon houses while being impacted by majority of planets.

Now the impact of 10th house comes into play. 10th house is NOT career. Forget that word. 10th house is your work environment. It shows what are the type of things you are surrounded by when performing your karma. This particular lord being connected to 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th house gives strong tendency towards law if all the other criteria matches.6th house is arguments, fights, disputes, 7th house is court houses, negoication, contract, business, 8th house investigation, research and 9th house is law itself. 

Out of all the people who I did a consultation for, less than 15% of people were actually successful or were happy with their careers. The ones who were happy had Jupiter or Saturn as their amatyakaraka, Jupiter impacted 5th, 9th house along with Saturn. The nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada and Hasta were prominent. Hasta is about using your hands. Most of the time a lawyer has to write contracts which requires skills of writing. But truly I have seen all nakshatras from Ardra, to Revati, to Ashwini, nothing really stood out in terms of "this is the nakshatra of lawyers". I was easily able to see that amongst IT and software professionals. Law is mainly about one's belief in the system, patriotism towards injustice; this is not seen from nakshatra but from swatic and tamasic dignity of planets.

One of the major theme of successful lawyers was the moon. Moon's capacity to do dry work, work that requires one to be analytical, critical, and logical. The people who were failing in career of law had moon placed in signs or nakshatra which was all about creativity, innovation, imagination, technical skills. In conclusion Moon's position is the first thing one should understand if they should or should not go into law. I see Moon heavily impacted by Saturn, Mars and Sun, especially in earth and fire signs.

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