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Birth Time Rectification
How to do birth time rectification in Vedic Astrology? by Kapiel Raaj

One of the  most common questions I get on my Youtube channel and Facebook is how do you do birth time rectification in Vedic Astrology?

This question is better not asked due to it's complicated process. When you ask 'How', you are asking how can "I" do this for myself, and the thing is you just can't unless you are a saint who has his other sense awakened especially the 6th sense of intuition. The process of birth time rectification requires 3 days of analysis and research into the events of the native. The process is tedious, time consuming and only the one who is a expert at astrology should take on such a tasks. I myself did birth time rectification for one person in my life who was my co-worker at a mortgage company. He knew his birth time but I wanted to try it out to see how good can I be. After finding out key events in his life I was able to come close within an hour of his birth time which was very satisfying to me, but it took the air out of me and I shall not dive into this type of work ever again. I will also tell you the story of how my own mother found her true birth time from a Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer).

There are several key steps you must take when taking on this process. The key steps being the key questions you must ask from the client or yourself. I am going to list below some of the questions that I think are very important when aligning the timing of your birth.

1. If married when did you get married?
2. When did you graduate college or highs school?
3. Did you ever get into a car accident and when?
4. Did you ever get a surgery, if yes, when?
5. Did you lose a job, if yes, when did you get fired?
6. When was your birth child born?
7. If you are divorced, when did you get a divorce?

Now, this is just one side of the questions. Now I will share the process of a unique type of birth time rectification which was done for my mother.

My mom never knew her birth time as the era she was born into hardly anyone kept that part logged in, even though in India it has been very important to keep the time of birth for the family astrologer. But for some odd reason my grand parents never kept the time of birth. When my mother went to this astrologer who suddenly got me interested in Vedic Astrology back in 2002, he first told my mother to come before 2:00 pm, as birth time rectification can only be done before 2:00 pm. Then, on the day of the appointment he asked my mother 3 questions.

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite number?
3. What is your favorite fruit?

Then, he opened this book written in 'Sanskrit', where on one page there was a circular diagram with bunch of writing on it. He told my mother to put her finger on the circle, close her eyes and keep going around the circle until he tells her to stop, while she was rotating her finger around the diagram, the astrologer was reciting a mantra quietly and after 30 seconds told her to stop. Then, after finding all this information, he gave my mother her time of birth. This was without asking any of the above 7 questions. He proceeded to give his consultation and over 90% of it was true. These kind of methods should only be done by someone who has a divine hand upon him or her. I have tried asking him for the book but like many jyotish, he likes being secreative. This is why I don't mention his name to give him free marketing.

If you are an armature or just starting to learn astrology, it's very important that you sit with a professional or better a guru, who will show you several real time rectification with a real client. It's the old saying, you can read about how to swim, but you won't learn swimming until you jump into the water.

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