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If I did full consultation

Many ask me and wonder how my full consultation back 5 years used to be. What did I do what did I look at when giving like a 30-60 minute reading. Today I will show you how I start and how I would end my full consultation; but first why did I stop doing full consultation? This should be the most important question asked. When an astrologer does full consultation for a client, he or she may not realize but they are opening up energy of karma which gets attached to astrologer's karma. Certain situation, houses and diving into certain aspect of one's life may actually help a client but will leave the astrologer with all the junk that cannot be washed off unless the astrologer is trained by a guru. When astrologers tap into  health, longevity, how rich or poor I'll be, post married life, divorces, scandals, siblings, property, assets, wealth etc... they are opening a Pandora box that should only be open by less than 1% of astrologers, and I am being generous here. You must be asking then what's the use of astrology in my life if no one will tell me. Let me give you a question. Do you really want to know or should you really know what is to come? astrologers need to be a guide and most do not guide, they predict all types of events, negative, positive, natural which can leave a person in disarray.

Once I found out from a very sacred guru that per my own chart I should only do limited amount of prediction and keep to the line that does not go deep into the karmic vault I'll be okay. He asked, "why so many astrologers around the world suffer financially or get tormented by their spouses and family and their lives are havoc?" he said they all blindly tap into the part of the chart that is like a magnet of negative energy and they do not know how to clean them selves off of it.  Will I ever do full consultation? I might, if I learn the technique of washing myself off of each client's karma but it requires heavy spiritual discipline, which I lack. 

Currently I only do career, marriage and child birth consultation, that, too with my set principles which you can find under shop section of this website option 7-10

Now, let's get started with my full consultation. I found this chart while restoring my hard drive due to a virus in my desktop and had to save all my stuff to a external hard drive.

We will call our person Miss. T

DOB October 20th, (I will not give all the details due to privacy issue)

When reading a chart the first thing I would pay attention to is the ascendant nakshatra and the placement of nakshatra lord. This is for me the most important, even before the ascendant zodiac sign and its lord. Nakshatra of the ascendant sets a foundational tone for the person's life. It shows their karmic path and what their life pattern will revolve around. 

1. This person's ascendant nakshatra is Sharavan and nakshatra lord moon is in the 3rd house. The first thing I would say about this person is that their live pattern will revolve around listening to people, listening to their truth and through communication, writing, and expressing yourself creativity you will be able to counsel them after listening. Why do I say this? Moon is in the sign of Pisces and nakshatra of Reviti, which is the nakshatra of arts, music, singing, dancing sculpting, writing and it's the deepest water of spirituality. The individual is here to experience the truth about other people through which they will be able to perform their creativity duty.

2. She is a Capricorn ascendant with ascendant lord in the 10th house conjunction debilitated Sun. First the sun is not receiving any cancellation of debilitation but sitting with exalted Saturn it receives a lot of support. It's like handicap sun with crutches. I told her your life focus has always been towards finding resolution with the relationship with your father and you are all about social services and serving the higher kingship. (She worked as a correctional officer in a jail). I said you are also very independent and more like a gypsies; I said this because Saturn is in nakshatra of Swati. Saturn is a windy planet and in the air sign while sitting in nakshatra of Swati which is symbolized by a lonely brush swerving in the wind. She had always taken charge of her own life, left her house at a very early age due to problems between parents. Her relationship with the father was not good growing up but got better with time;  her sun starts getting support later on in life. Sun is the father. Saturn also rules the 2nd house of family and wealth which showed me despite the family problem she was always taken care off. In her life she found a very successful husband who came from family money. Due to Saturn and Sun conjunction she always gained and lost jobs since 8th lord is in the 10th house with 1st and 2nd lord. As much she was hired by government, she was also let go after a short while.

3. Her third lord is in the 11th house (Jupiter) conjunct Ketu in the sign of Scorpio while Moon sits in the 3rd house. Having 3rd lord in 11th house or 11th in 3rd house usually makes a person the eldest or the youngest sibling. She was the eldest sibling and had a younger sister. The relationship with the sister was quite topsy-turvy. They didn't speak for years especially when the sister ran away from the house with some guy and also experimented with drugs. Jupiter is in the karmic sign of Scorpio while in axis of Rahu and Ketu. Jupiter also receives the aspect of Mars. Both her and her sister always had problems in relationships. This individual actually got divorced in 2011, a year after the consultation. Moon in the 3rd house in the sign of Pisces and nakshatra of revati clearly showed me her mind is always in writing, communication and wanting to experience art, culture and spiritual bliss. (She wrote blogs, daily journals, and was studying Rekhi and alternative medicine). Revati is the nakshatra of arts, music, signing, dancing, writing and it's the deepest water of spirituality. Moon the mind receives the aspect of Jupiter, Ketu and Mars. I am not including Rahu aspect because back then I didn't know Rahu aspected the 3rd and 11th from itself as well. By seeing such aspect showed the mind was inclined towards studying occult, spiritual practices and was very stubborn in her ways. Now knowing Rahu's aspect I can see her mother's drug and alcohol problems.

4. 4th lord Mars is in the 8th house with Venus and both are in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. She suddenly left home one day with her ex boyfriend, someone before her ex husband. She also had secret affairs in her life with 2 other men. Most of the ways she has met people in her relationships is very secretly and either through a electronic device or through another male friend. Jupiter the karaka of husband is conjunct Ketu (electronics) and Venus the karka of relationships is with Mars (male figures and friends). This position along with Saturn and Sun looking at the 4th house gave so much ups and downs in family life especially with the mother. After the age of 22 she had a better relationship with the father than mother. Mother had always been distance and isolated due moon being in (kemdrum dosh) while receiving 3 malefic aspects on itself. She also didn't do well in school till she got into high school. 4th lord of basic education took her more towards arts, performing arts than regular studies. Mother also lost her house suddenly due to the dispute with the father in divorce. Yes, her father and her mother divorced when she was around 10.

5. Rahu is in the 5th house and 5th lord is in the 8th house with Mars. 5th house itself receives the aspect of Jupiter. First, she always had relationship with men of different culture. Her ex husband was African American, her two other ex's were Hispanics while she's white. One thing that surprised me was that she had a son. With Rahu being in 5th house in feminine sign and receiving the aspect of Jupiter from feminine sign I thought she would have a daughter. Even in her D7 chart it showed a daughter. I was wrong. But again romantic affairs always took place in secrecy. She also naturally had love for the occult but she also hid her pregnancy for a while from her family because she was pregnant before marriage. 5th lord in 8th house shows secrecy with children or secrets related to children.

6. Her sixth lord is in 9th house exalted. Mercury is in sign of Virgo. She has never had any enemies, if she did she was able to turn that situation around. Her higher education in life came from the streets and reading books independently. She loved books and also made her son read books instead of watching T.V. Mercury gives her extreme logically ability and ability to counsel people. Mercury is also in the nakshatra of chitra ruled by Mars and nakshtra lord is in 8th house which showed her higher studies and interest will either take place in research based technical studies or understanding the passion for deep. She was studying Rekhi and acupuncture at this school one school in southern California.

7. Moon the 7th lord is in the 3rd house receiving the aspect of Jupiter, Ketu and Mars. 3rd house is 8th from the 8th. Her relationships will always have a strong mental connection with the opposite sex. All relationship will start off with a deep spiritual connection. Her and her spouse met at a church through a "male friend". They had connected previously online "Ketu". But, 7th house receives the aspect of Saturn, while karaka of husband is in karmic sign of Scorpio with Rahu Ketu axis and conjunct Gulika (GK). GK is a uppa grah like Rahu, Ketu, Dhooma, Chapa etc, but seeing GK with Jupiter I knew marriage must, must take place plate. Mars also aspected 7th lord, Jupiter and conjunct Venus. All the men including her ex husband she ran in her life were extremely macho, awkward and secluded.  Her ex husband was in his office 17 hours a day making money through stocks and pharm sales. She divorced him because he never gave her the time or their son. But, the main point is she got married too early. She married at the age of 26 when she should have waited till the age of 32. We will look at he Navamsa later. Per my analysis marriage and relationship will always make her feel isolated due to Moon being in kemdrum dosh. This is something she cannot escape.

8. Eighth lord is in 10th house shows her career and work environment will either involve dealing with secrecy, sacred knowledge and dealing with government agency. As I said, she was working as a correctional officer for 5 months in northern California. But, 10th lord is in the 8th house causing a parivartan yoga. This is why she couldn't stick to one job for a long time. I clearly saw she would be much better of working by herself as self employed person as 7th lord of business was alone in 3rd house. She always wanted to make money blogging, writing and now she was study holistic medicine so she can start her own practice which was a good move. This also showed father had many affairs as well this was the cause of the divorce with the mother. Sun represents father which is debilitated, and receives the aspect of Venus from 8th house (secret women and relationships). She has a powerful Raj yoga due to Mars and Venus conjunction. This shows that by attaining secret knowledge in life she will be able to live a royal life. This means she should go towards learning secret knowledge through which she will have sudden burst of income. No matter who she marries she will live a very comfortable life. 8th house receives the highest points in Samudaya Ashtakavarga which shows her ability to transform her life.

9. Ninth lord is in 9th house exalted she showed she knew her dhrama in life which was to help people and heal them. She also had great passion for writing and reading as 9th house is publishing, Mercury is writing and reading. She also had great desire one time for criminal justice as in law. Regardless of how her domestic life was she always managed to read books on philosophy, spirituality, religion, theology. Since Moon and Mercury both aspect each other shows her mind functions creativity when she's in a relationship with someone who is extremely intellectual. Mutual aspect of Mercury Moon not only shows she loves writing but also makes her a freckled minded person too. She can never make a firm decision and stick to it. Moon and Mercury are planets which change with direction of the wind. If today she loves reading one book, tomorrow she will move on to the next book. As powerful as the 9th house is it receives the lowest Samudaya Ashtakavarga point which is why with having exalted Mercury the father and situation with father couldn't prosper.

10. We discussed about parivartan yoag between 10th and 8th house, which shows suddenly gains and loss of employment but also urge to dig deep into one's creative side to show case their profession. 10th lord Venus is with Mars clearly indicates the work environment will be a passion related to artistic, creative and occultist things. But her Job needs to be to revolutionize something related to her career. This position is of someone who is going to change something big in their profession. The profession will also be related to dealing with hidden agenda, secret information and things which people do not see out in the open. Saturn Sun position in 10th house shows great responsibility to soceity and career itself. One will be put into position of great responsibility. She had to manage inmates in a jail which itself is a huge and dangerous responsibility. But Venus is in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, her own nakshtra which shows she must do something which is pleasant, creative and which requires to make things look beautiful.

11. Eleventh lord Mars is in the 8th house with Venus while Jupiter Ketu are conjunct in 11th house in the sign of Scorpio. This clearly showed me she didn't have too many friends and friends she will make will either be extremely spiritual or extremely cunning. She had few friends, many of her network circles came and went. Since 11th lord is in 8th house she was the eldest sibling. Jupiter here being the lord of 3rd and 12th in sign of Scorpio, while conjuct Ketu showed a person who will be devoted to a large organization where they will either do research based studies or spiritual based studies. Jupiter being in the nakshatra of Anuradha shows one is always willing to give a helping hand to those who are wanting to be awaken spiritually. The nakshatra lord Saturn is sitting in 10th house which shows one will make Jupiter's teaching and preaching methods part of their career. Jupiter Ketu conjunction always tends to give women very spiritual and hippi type spouses, but this also shows one needs to wait to get the "right" spouse because Jupiter is in the karmic sign of Scorpio. 11th house also has the highest Ashtakavarga points of 28, transit of Saturn and Venus upon this house will fulfil desires and wishes.

12. Twelfth lord Jupiter is in the 11th house with Ketu in Scorpio and with aspect of Mars, one will not have great relationship with the elder sibling or there will be no elder sibling. One will find salvation by getting an foreign opportunity to connection with one self. Ketu being co-lord of the 11th house with Mars shows one will have to rely on their own self to understand the deeper truth of life. Awkward situation with men, gurus and teachers may lead to isolation. If this person ran through Jupiter mahadasha in their life time will receive many spiritual awards and reorganization with material and spiritual fulfillment because Jupiter recieves 56 Samudaya Ashtakavarga points. This is a powerful Jupiter which shows one has to travel long distance to find right friends. This person loves to travel to all sorts of spiritual places in South America, China and even in U.S., they have great desire to only be with spiritual people. Mars aspect upon the 12th lord shows one will only reveal their true personality and true self in privacy.

After studying all the 12 houses we see how complex a person's personality is. It' snot just ascendant, moon or sun, but every single aspect of astrology defines us when we deal with different aspect of our life. We may behave differently when dealing with gurus vs dealing with spouse, or dealing with our bosses. We never reveal our true personality and nature all together in the same manner.

At this point what I would do is go back from the beginning and look at the Mahadasha cycles and how they revealed the individual karma. I will not go into each maha and antar dasha which will take too much time to write but I would go over each maha and antar dasha and its results. These weren't 100% correct, as no one can be 100% correct but I had some very good hits.

This person started out their life with Mercury mahadasha. from 1983 to 1994.

Mercury is in the 9th house exalted in nakshatra of chitra with nakshatra lord in the 8th house. Mercury also receives the aspect of Rahu from 5th house while sitting in the sign of Mercury. Moon also aspects Mercury. At this time I would also look at the navamsa. Mercury is with Rahu in 4th house in Leo while dispositor of Mercury Sun is debilitated in 6th house. Her life growing up was dealt with mixed events. She spoke very early, loved reading, and did well in school but at the same time father issues were at forefront of her life, the domestic life was always surrounded by agony of the mother and issues of the father. The father had his own reasons for doing what he did, the mother herself was doing drugs. I cannot reveal exactly what was happening in the family as I want to respect certain parts but let's just say father had problem with the law during this time. This person also traveled cross country and moved to the west coast of United States in 1989 during Mercury Jupiter period. Jupiter rules the 12th house of foreign travels and 3rd house of short distance travel while Mercury itself rules the 9th house of long distance travel.

Ketu Mahadashas operated from 1994 to 2001. This was the period where she fell deep in love with occult studies, magic, vika, and Hinduism which was fairly a very early time for her age but as they say destiny and wheel of time changes everything. Ketu is in Jyestha nakshatra ruled by Mercury who is in the 9th house. Ketu in this nakshatra shows one will feel too heroic without knowing if they can fight and win the battle. They simply feel they can take on challenges but might end up screwing this up. There were lot of tension with the father during this time which ultimately lead to some drug addiction in school and bad company of people, however due to the strength of Mars and Mercury she ultimately came out of the mess complete her basic studies. There was also injuries during an accident in 1997 in her Ketu Mars period. Mars is the 4th lord conjunct Venus which is the karak of cars. During this period Mars, Rahu and Ketu were impacting Mars and Venus in the birth chart by transit and she was going through her Sadi-Sati as well. Ketu is in the 10th house in Aquarius sign in Navamsa chart receiving the aspect of Mercury. She and her family faced quite a bit of embarrassment due to father's actions.

She entered Venus Mahadasha from 2001-2021. This was the time period when she suddenly became artistic, creative, also sexually active with multiple partners. It was during 2007 she met this very rich African American person whom she had a long term relationship with and in 2008 in the same period she got married to this individual as Venus is the karkaa of marriage and Mars is conjunction Venus while also ruling the 7th house in navamsa chart. By transit both Jupiter and Saturn aspected the karaka of marriage Venus which is needed for any big event in life (Saturn Jupiter double transit). In Venus Jupiter period they were divorced as Jupiter the functional mealfic is conjunction Ketu in 11th house which is also known as the house of marriage but mainly Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in the7th house in the karmic sign of Scorpio which shows what was given will be lost. Also Venus the karaka of marriage is debilitated in Navamsa which also shows marriage needs to happen after the age of 36.

If we look at the dasamsa chart for career, I always look at the 1st and 10th axis. This shows what the soul really wants to pursue in life. What the soul really wants to make the living from. Our ego (D1) chart wants to do many things, but when we follow the foot steps of our soul is when we find salvation. Most of the time D1 and D10 do not compliment each other and this is why the energy within the person is confused. My job during my career consultation is to balance the energy out through which you can find your true path. She gets the highest points of 41 in in the 10th house of Dasamsa chart which shows career if followed correctly can take her to greatest of heights.

In D10 we can see strong connection with government work due to Sun being in 10th house and Saturn Mars conjunction in the ascendant while Saturn aspects the 10th house, however Sun being in the karmic sign of Scorpio and 10th lord being the axis of Rahu and Ketu never gave happiness from government related work. She must look within to find her happiness for career because Ketu is in ascendant. Ketu, Saturn and Mars can be a combination for a killer, solider, fighter or a very disciplined spiritual person. If we look at the outer planets Pluto and Uranus are with Sun which shows her career must dive deep into the outer world to find her true self; world such as occult and mysticism. There is a lot more that goes on in looking for a person's career and destiny because after 2012 I learned even deeper knowledge of finding career of a person.

This is a very small part of how a full consutlation takes place because I would talk  a lot more than what I can write here and I am simply exhausted of writing having a family and two kids. I don't know how I made time to write this article but it was long over due.

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