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What are aspects in astrology & horoscope? 

Aspects are simply the houses that each planets looks towards from the house that it sits in. Aspect simply means sight, or seeing something. If you’re sitting at a window of your apartment and you look across the airshaft to the building across the street; you’re aspecting that building.

Instead of you, just put Saturn at the window with a cup of coffee, and instead of the apartment building, think of a astrological houses; the 12 houses.

Saturn, sitting at the same window that you were sitting at, will look towards building number 1 (which is the place you’re sitting at, inside of the apartment), building number 3, building number 7 and building number 10. And when he looks at those buildings, he affects the ambience of those buildings. Simply, Saturn aspects the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th house from itself.

Lets say Saturn is sitting at the window of apartment building 1 (The first house, aka, Ascendant), and he’s looking at his girlfriend in building (house) 3, but, because he’s inside a bad apartment (building 1), he’s not happy, and so he’s looking at his girlfriend across the airshaft with a grim and somber face. What does this do? Well, it will bring the girlfriends mood down in building 3, and the ambience of building three will also suffer because the negative energy will transpire through the girlfriend and into the house. This will happen to the building 7 and 10 as well (meaning houses), because Saturn is not just looking at build 3 with a somber look, but all the building he is able to see. Building 7 and 10 may hold his father and friends, and it will not be a good feeling.

Now, lets say Saturn was in a good (Happy) position in building 1, which is the apartment he’s sitting in right now, then he’ll be happy, and smiling, and giving kisses to his girl friend, father, mother, and, his boss,  , which will just create a happy mood all around.

Happy and sad mood in astrology is simply the signs and houses a planet sits in where he or she is either happy being there, sad or neutral.

Now, how do you figure out happy or sad mood of Saturn, and other planets? Let’s look at the table below. I will only show happy and sad, as rest are neutral places for the planets, rest I mean rest of the zodiac signs and houses. Remember, there are 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses, so the houses not mentioned in the table below for each planet are considered neutral places.
Below is a simple chart showing you which planet aspects what house in astrology. Each planet in your horoscope is looking at certain house by certain Astrological Degree, and because of those aspect your life is what it is right now. The reason why you must always look at aspects because like the building and windows example, all the planets are affecting each other.
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