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Ashwani Nakshatra (0:00 Aries to 13:20 Degree Aries)
Planet- Ketu
Symbol- Horse's head
Deity- Physicans to the God

Ashwani Nakshatra is a very active, agile, youthful and bold nakshatra. These people are all about acting action towards making the world better. This is why, such people represents doctors, surgeons and healers. They are bold enough to take any action to make the world a better place. The reason why this nakshatra is ruled by Ketu is because before physical world there was nothing, nothing but darkness. Before the big bang, before the first photon was released there was nothingless, which is represents by Ketu. This is why such nakshtra is ruled by Ketu. Like the horse, they are active, runners and have speed. Such nakshatra represents a healing energy, and ability to transform the world for better. Ketu is also know as the planet of occult, and other worldly powers, such people can be mystics who have the ability to heal people through their hands. They guys always have to be active in life. Whether it's playing sports, hiking, running, martial arts they have to keep their body moving and active otherwise they lose their spirit, like if a horse is chained for life without every knowing the feeling of cutting through wind.

This nakshatra also symbolizes independence. These folks are very independent in life, wants to earn their own living and become mature at an early age. They have the curiosity of learning and learning about how things work. This is why such people are curious about human biology and what makes it work. Being the natural physicians to the Gods, they are always inclined towards learning about the body and how to make it function properly. Since this nakshatra is under the ruler of Mars, who controls the zodiac sign of Aries, these people are quite bold, very sexual and love to eat meat, especially red meat, spicy food and drinks.

In Jyotish, Nakshatra are also divided into finer divisions known as Padas. There are 4 pada to each other, and such pada refine the qualities of this nakshatra.

Ashwani nakshatra pada 1- A person born under such pada will be tall, clever, intelligent and bold. They are fierce, controllers, managers and love taking control of any situation. This is why they make someone of the toughest managers and coaches. There is fiery side which needs to win over others, but the problem is, in doing so they forget that others too might have ego, and this is where they can clash with co-workers and professional networks.

Ashwani nakshatra pada 2- These people are more inclined towards learning, gaining knowledge of human biology, but they are just as fierce as pada 1 people. They, too have power struggle with their co-workers and professional networks. However these guys are quite artistic and love constructing things related to design and fashion. Mars is a natural engineer and in pada 2 such qualities dive into the artist realm of life. Such qualities also make them youthful or child like, as there is a great saying "artist adults are the child you survived".

Ashwani nakshatra pada 3- People porn undre pada 3 will be far more spiritual and intuitive than rest of the pada. Here they gravitate towards spiritual knowledge, religious knowledge and they are big on scientific knowledge. They like to learning many different aspects of the scientific world and with such knowledge they like getting praises of people. They are well balanced in terms of physical, mental and spiritual activie in life, unlike pada 1 people are dive into things implsivley, these folks like to take their time and gain knowledge of the world they are jumping into.

Ashwani nakshatra pada 4- People born under pada 4 of Ashwani nakshtra are learning the science of body very quickly. They have a tremendous intereset in fixing and discecting the body. This nakshtra produces most of the physicans and doctors out there. But, there is also another side ot this nakshtra, which is pleasure seeking. These folks love to enjoy life and induldge into pleasure. It's not a surprise that many successful doctors party hard, do drugs, smoke and drink. They feel like they have eanred their sense of pleasure.

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