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Success In Accounting
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Success In Accounting in Vedic Astrology

In my research of career and profession in Vedic Astrology Accounting is that one career that mirrors the combination of an IT professional. In the IT word there are certain planets and nakshatras that are found redundantly amongst 80% of the charts. Read my IT profession article to get more details on such analysis.

The planets which are involved in accounting profession is in ascending order from most important to least.

  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Ketu
  • Saturn
  • Sun

The reason why Mercury is # 1 because Mercury is a natural money manger, the accountant, business man and a business manager.

Mars is second in line as Mars represents logic, mathematics, strict principled; either you are losing money or gaining money there is no in-between. There are no maybe's with Mars. It's all black and white with him.

Ketu is the planet of calculation, crunching numbers, research and ability to look deep within a subject. Ketu is critical, it wants to criticize what it's seeing.

Saturn is manual calculation, routine repetitive work, is also the karaka of 6th house of accounting.

Sun becomes important for those who need to find employment in the goverment sector. 

You will always see Mercury either being conjunct or being aspected by Ketu , Mars or Saturn. This is the most unique and significant thing you will see in charts of accountants.

The Naksahtras that are involved in this profession are:

3.Uttara Phalguni

These are the nakshatra that have been seen very commonly in this profession as they represents logic, reasoning, technical analysis, cutting and budgeting things and performing the duties of a consular. These are Nakshatras ruled by Rahu, Mars, Sun and Ketu. However there are many other nakshatras I have seen with people in accounting profession but these 6 are very commonly occuring.

The houses which are most connected with this profession are:

1.6th house
2.2nd house
3.8th house
4.10th house
5.11th house
6.12th house

The sixth house is the house of accounting, everyday work life, taking care of debts, accounts payable and receivable.

Second House is the house of money, budgeting funds and banking.

The 8th house is the house of dealing with other people's assets and money, dealing with taxes, insurance.

The 10th house deals with work environment and highest of impact in the world.

11th house is about incoming gains, financial markets, large organization

12th house is the house of working behind the sense, dealing with multi national corporations.

The amatyakaraka role is also very important. This is the planet with the 2nd highest degree which in Jamini astrology shows which planet is controlling the ability to make money. My most commonly occurring karakas of accounting profession is Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Jupiter was not seen surprisingly because Jupiter really shows a spiritual or philosophical teacher, but it has shown great potential in banking and finance career more than accountant.

Moon's position becomes most important in this analysis because in order to like accounting your mind should be able to grasp dealing with dry calculative subject line numbers, math and budgeting. I see people who become accounting with Moon in Revati nakshatra, and this shows complete lack of interest in the profession but they took it due to aspect of other planets and Desh Kaal Patra of the native where parents or siblings influenced their earning potential greatly. When Moon is in creative nakshatra, the only way it will be successful in anything other than art is when the native takes a creative approach to other profession.

Moon in Ashwini, Krittika, Ardra, Punravasu, Chita, Swati, Uttarabhadapa and Uttara Phalugni nakshatra shows interest in subject related to technology, math and business analysis.

The question is why such similarities between IT and Accounting profession? This I believe truly comes down to the pada in which the planet is sitting in, especially the Moon. Lot more research as to be done as to why one type of pattern may produce people of two different profession; one is crunching numbers, the other is manipulating numbers.

I know in India one has to sit for competitive exams to become a charted accountant. In United States it's simply about graduating in accounting degree and passing a simple state license exam. This opens the door to other planetary situation like when can an individual succeed in passing such exams? For this you have to see which dasha period the native is going through. The 2 main dashas you want to check for finding success in competitive expams is Vimshottri and Yogini dasha. If the native is running through maha and antar dasha of 10th, 9th, 6th and 11th house lord periods in Birth, Dasamsa and D4 chart then success can surly come with the planets of those houses are strongly situated via shadbal and vimshopak bal concept and sit in houses with high ashtakavarga points. Transit of Mars and Jupiter is very critical upon 10th house, 10th lord, 7th house, 7th lord, 6th house 6th lord or 11th house 11th lord. Mars and Jupiter double transit insures giving of fruit.

Accounting profession can be extremely in demand if the native takes the right step. The first thing an individual has to see if they are meant for business or a job. This becomes critical to financial success. If the native has planetary combination to do business and be self employed than working in a corporation for 30 years might become a huge waste of time as the native could have earned 10 x as much in business. I know accountants who do their own business and make over 500,000 dollars a year while some working for Google or big corporation like KPMG can make even more as employees if they are at the senior level, this is achieved if the path of planetary position are followed.

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