kapiel raaj, vishaka  nakshatra
Vishaka Nakshatra (16::40 Libra to 3:20 Scorpio)
Planet- Jupiter
Symbol- Triumphal arch    
Deity- God of fire

Vishaka people are very mature in their approach to life, whether it's art, music, relationships or even search for truth in the underworld. They want to gain knowledge and become mature from soul to body. This nakshatra brings the fire of heavens to earth as in such a person will be try to revolutionize their life and life of others. They use the divine knowledge and with the help of creativity in Libra they make all subject matters interesting and easy for others. They bring this dynamic sage like personality upon others even though they themselves might never see it that way. These people love making agreements between two parties and they feel they are natural judges of the trade. This gives them natural inclination towards the law field of any field where polices and law are implemented.

Being the natural teachers of polices they also end up in Universities as law professors and professors of history, classical art and music. Jupiter here brings the fire of God and his word for human kind. This natural love for following scriptures and ritual can make them advocate of lawful marriages and business deal. Such people can make great priests who perform weddings.

Vishaka nakshatra pada 1- People born under Vishaka nakshatra pada 1 are brilliant when it comes to dealing with legal agreements, law and looking at contract for any mishaps. They find it easy to balance things out in life and balance the situation of other people. They love the law which makes them natural lawyers and judges. They find that society works best when confident under certain rules and policy due to knowing the natural of human, which is like a dog, who needs discipline and structure.

Vishaka nakshatra pada 2- People born under the Vishaka nakshatra pada 2 love the religious side of legal agreements, they like what God and the higher power has to say about living in this and living a balanced life. They find that teachings of a guru is far more important than teaching of a written law. They love to make agreements for people on philosophical and religious basis, which makes them a good marriage priest or administrator of marriage counseling.

Vishaka nakshatra pada 3- People born under the Vishaka nakshatra pada 3 love education and want to attain higher education. They feel that more education and learning the divine philosophical knowledge will naturally teaching how to balance life and career. They, too, have this natural love for the law field or field of teaching. They make very good teachings, especially about history and law. They find their true wealth is in learning and knowing thyself then making money through trading.

Vishaka nakshatra pada 4- People born under the Vishaka nakshatra pada 4 feel their knowledge base comes from diving into the deep of things and looking at place that other people fail to look. This makes them great explorer. They have a natural love for occult knowledge and find gurus who will take them into the deep and secretive world of tantric science. They still however will not break the rules of the underground, even in the deepest parts of earth they have respect for its law-&-order. They can make great medical professionals and healers.
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