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Venus mahadasha (Shukra mahadasha in Jyotish)

Venus mahadasha in lasts for 20  years. This is the longest time period in the entire dasha cycle. Venus in Vedic Astrology mainly represents love, relationships, marriage, comfort, design, art, creativity, lust, sexuality, females, happiness, passion, pets, animals, sensuality, and any kind of pleasure in life. During the mahadasha of Venus one's main focus becomes forming relationships with all kinds of people, finding pleasure in some aspect of their life while at the same time devoting their life to their spouse. People feel very creative during such time. They want to create art, design or have tremendous interest in performing arts like acting, singing, Broadway or stage play, especially if Venus is situated in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th house. Venus is our sense of pleasure, so during the mahadasha the native's main focus will be on seeking pleasure and finding luxurious things in life. Sometimes people become over spender during Venus' dasha and become extravagant, but that usually happens when Venus is debilitated, and people become insecure. However, Venus mahadasha ususally brings about feelings of making things perfect and beautiful. Venus is about beauty, cleanliness and design. This can symbolically lead one perfecting their life, re-designing their path and arranging everything in their life to be organized and neat.

Venus and Jupiter time periods are mainly known for acquiring of wealth and all types of comfort. This is why it becomes critical for the native to have a well placed Venus, at least by house placement. If the native is single they will usually get married during Venus-Venus, Venus-Moon, Venus-Jupiter or Venus-Rahu antra dasha. Venus, the karaka of relationships brings about many opportunity regarding relationship, romance and love. It's up to the native to take action towards those opportunities. Depending upon the house where Venus is placed, the source of pleasure will become the meaning of such house. If Venus is in the 5th house then there could be great pleasure in performing arts, acting, cinema, being involved with children or being involved with ancient texts. If Venus is in the 9th house then during Venus' mahadasha one will seek pleasure through learning, graduate degree, philosophy, religion and spirituality. Venus doesn't really mean art, beauty and culture in every house, Venus simply makes the things related to the house pleasurable. This why two people with Venus in the sign of Libra may not be doing the same thing, because depending upon the house, one can become an actor the other can become a lawyer. But during the mahadasha of any planet, the planet itself is not the only element that comes alive, the sign or houses ruled by that planet will also play a huge part and become active along with any planet sitting in the nakshatra of the mahadasha lord will also become active. In Venus' case, if any planet is sitting in the sign of Bhrani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashada, then those planets will also become active like the light blub.

Venus-Venus- Ususally Venus-Venus antra dasha brings about changes that one doesn't like. The bukti lords being the same ususally brings about more stress than joy.

Antra dasha of Venus









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