kapiel raaj, Magha  nakshatra
Uttra Phalguani Nakshatra (26:41 Leo to 10:00 Virgo)
Planet- Sun
Symbol- bed    
Deity- God of favors      

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra is about being focused, analytical and disciplined about your creative work or work in general. These naksahtra expands from Leo to Virgo, so specially the last two pada of this nakshatra are very calculative about their work. i.e. if an actor thinks he can do 20 different roles while in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguani, a person in Uttra-Phalguani will be more calculative about what they can't and can do. They would drive their creative energy into 2-3 roles which they can they can perfect rather than dispersing them self in every direction. This nakshatra is ruled by the sun, while the sign itself is also ruled by the sun, so such people are very confident, diligent and rise to high posts at their work place, especially government work as an administrator or attorney.

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra people are also very lucky in terms of getting favors from people. They rise to the higher status by receiving and giving favors to many, like "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". Once this nakshatra moves towards Virgo, Sun brightens the quality of Virgo for the first 10 degrees, where focus, details, analysis, and perfection comes to forefront and such people produce some of the most perfect work whether it's art, writing, medicine or accounting. Due to the brightens of Sun they rise to the top of their field, but such people do very well in private sector or if they are in communication like writing, investigative journalist and marketing.

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra pada 1- People with Uttra Phalguani nakshtra pada 1 are very much inclined towards education, law and creating something meaningful in their life which will help the local communality or a larger state land. They feel like they need to take charge like the lion and bring about good in people. They feel they need to take up the leadership role and provide for the one who do not have a voice. They are very much fond of education and working for the government.

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Uttra Phalguani nakshatra people are first quite beautiful, since this pada takes place in the sign of Virgo, and Virgo is represents a beautiful woman on the boat carrying wheat and ayurveda medication. Such people are very charitable, intelligent and love taking care of other people as any medicine man would do. They are however very calculative and very critical of their own work and work of others. Here Sun's energy in the nakshatra brightens the quality of Virgo and Mercury which is all about detail and perfection.

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra pada 3- Uttara Phalguani naksahtra pada 3 people again very intelligent, however this intelligence can also slip into the realm of cleverness where they can con others and manipulate others to get what they want, this can be seen with someone who may be a clever accountant, CEO or politician who may manipulate the system for their own advantage. But due to this cleverness they also become wealthy and live a quite a healthy life style. They can be great mathematicians and accountant and marketing executives.

Uttra Phalguani nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Uttra Phalguani pada 4 love taking responsibility for their own actions and action of others. They are very helpful and very intelligent in terms of health and wealth. They make great healers, doctors and caretakers. Such people can also make very good astrologers and spiritual people. Pada 4 people are more inclined towards ridiculous deeds and religious deeds. They are found of their culture and religious books and also find interest in books of healing.
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