The Black Legend: Rise of Rahu, Hindu Astrology, kapiel raaj, vedic astrology
The Black Legend: Rise of Rahu
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The Black Legend: Rise of Rahu (A novel)

This is a novel I have been working on for last 4 years and it's set to release at the end of 2017. This is something I wish they had back when I was growing up to help me understand the value and magic of my Hindu culture and it's valuable entity such as Jyotish, which is part of the 4 banches of Vedas known as Yajur, Atharva, Sama and Rk. Growing up in modern culture of New Delhi I and many of my friends never cared to learn about such knowledge knowing it was old, boring and not scientific, hence if it was presented to us at our level in a form where a adolescent  brain can understand; I would be in a much different place today in my life. This is just a first rough draft.

Zone of Death

THE BURNING DEBRIS WAS SEEN AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD IMAGINE. Ashes had risen from the ground, as the smoky haze made it impossible to depict any sold ground, ground which was covered with burnt bodies of defeated soldiers. The blood flowed from the vein of  the sliced arms and legs of the defeated. Sounds of war handed faded a bit. Sonic boom of arrows in mid air was heard in the far off distance. Fire had swallowed the city of Galinthraphy, once kingly city, which now stood as a beacon of death.

Army of Gods progressed upon the mountains just 100 miles away from the lions den; killing and slaughtering the dark army on their way, as trolls, and monoliths were being bought down on the ground. The five kings rode on their white houses along side Queens in the very front, as they saw Mount Mauthghat in their sight. A strange power began to emit within them, the force of evil was plaguing upon them like black magic.

Their armor and weapons began to fell heavier on their bodies. The horses, too, felt heavier.

In the dead plains of vastness, the dark army awaited. The six feet tall army of countless trolls was running towards the gods.

“Arches…” said the general in the front, as they waited for the signal of King Mangal, lord of war, the Sheppard of Mars. Once he signaled with his sword made of red coral, million arrows flew in the air towards the beast. The ashes of fire began to burn the portions of the forces, but it didn’t hinder them to approach the white army of gods, and began killing them one by one. The front lines were being followed by the most evil looking soldiers, the seven feet tall giants who carried more weaponry than a sword smith. Dozens of 'Anunaks' followed, which even scared the men fighting along side the great kings.

“I got this,” said King Mangal, who drove his chariot of four houses ahead of everyone and raced across the front lines, and in between the large Anunaks army who suddenly craved for Mangal’s blood. The king of army rode with the four houses known as Rohini, a gift by his bellowed Princes Soma.

Their growls erupted for the blood of men's flesh, as slowly they began to surround the red King. 

Mangal bought his sword out, and rubbed it with a hint of mysterious powder from his pocket. He waited for the perfect moment, and then, as the first Anunak approached he threw his sword across his waste, which cut the Anunak open in half like hot knife through butter. The sword went around in a circle, cutting the entire Annunaks' army into half, as it boomeranged its way back into the hands of King Mangal.

“Done,” said the Marshan King, but then, a strange sound faded in the sky, and bought down the dark clouds. The great army of men with their six other kings had avenged the entire dark forces.

“He may be an angry man, but he’s good,” complemented King Bhraspathi, the lord of Jupiter to his great friend Mangal. “If we could only avoid these dark clouds, this would be a time of cold pale ale.”

With a smile, under the half masked face, Goddess Venus took off her helmet and gazed at the gray clouds with her beautiful green eyes.  In the time of need, war wasn’t just a province of men, but of everyone who was able to fight for a cause.

“We are approaching the 8th house, we must now be more careful than ever before, there are things beyond are vision that creeps these mountains,” spoke King Shani, the lord of blue light, the giver of all, the taker of all, and, the lord of Saturn.

Chapter 2 Skylum

Under the dark sky, the squeals and screams were heard from his army as his foot landed on a smoked skull, cracking it beyond reorganization from his metallic shoe. His shadow grew upon the broken walls as he came near.

He walked amongst the dead of his dark army. The giant dark knight in black rob which covered his entire body & face walked peeking at his children on the ground. His rough sword filled with blood stains rubbed against the ground while he walked.

With his last breath about to be exhausted, a soldier looked upon his dark king with great grief, and said, “I wish I had fought on the right side, my soul would have been spared.” The soldier never could exhaust his last breath, because the shadow king's sword drove right into his skull with great force. The four Anunaks watched in terror as the dark king approached.

The king spoke in bellowed voice, which echoed across the plains.

“Build me an army, worthy of its ligancy.”

The men stepped back in fear and responded to his call. They kneeled and promised their lives for him and they promised the rebuilding of the dark army. The dark king walked passed by them, but then he was halted by what he saw ahead of him across the river. He glanced upon slowly, and, even though his face was never seen from beneath the black veil, his soul looked somber. Across the mountain ridge was the dark, dreary, and destroyed palace in ruins. He looked upon the burning city like a statue.

The burnt and destroyed palace suddenly transformed into a brightly glowing kingdom, kingdom which was the beacon of hope, dreams and great blessing of their king; King Nirvagin who was proceeding towards his thrown as every woman and child stood cheering from joy and happiness as they witnessed their king walking along with his queen. Queen Nandni was confident and proud of not just her husband, but her people.

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