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Saturn Retrograde 2015 Kapiel Raaj
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SATURN RETROGRADE 2015 (March 14-August 1)

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Saturn is now retrograde which is a very much needed event in people's lives right now, it will show or "unearth" the hidden truth about ourselves that we didn't know about previously or forgot to discovery during the past 4 months; this is due to the position of Saturn in Scorpio. When planets are retrograde in our birth chart we have to constantly go back and do things many times to achieve them. When planets are retrograde during yearly transits, they tend to have a different effect. Saturn currently being retrograde from March 14th to August 1st will have us go back and unearth the hidden truth about us, the truth which we have ran away from or ignored since the last time Saturn was retrograde. This is one of the most needed retroaction right now in our current times in personal and mundane ambience. Saturn in Scorpio shows the root cause of our suffering, when it's retrograde it makes us double check if we did clean out our karmic baggage which he bought upon us since he entered Scorpio. Asking yourself "Did I really change myself after finding the problem" would be a good start. This also shows that big governments around the world will find the root problem to the evil known as ISIS. They will find the root of the cactus and rip it out from the ground. The foundation of evil around the world will be shaken with this retrograde.

Saturn especially being retrograde in the nakshatra of Anuradha pada 3 is a lucky blessings in the sky. In pada 3 of this nakshatra Saturn's heart and soul will be at its highest reign. Saturn feels royal and well balanced in this nakshatra pada. This will make us all go through a transformation regarding the house where Saturn is placed in our birth horoscope and will help use rise like the phoenix from the dark tunnels of Scorpio. Saturn having started its retrograde from Pada 3 shows that he is not just throwing us in the dark hole of Scorpio to solve the problem he is giving us a flash light to go through our retrograde journey. The reversal motion of Saturn here will show the things we missed since November when Saturn entered Scorpio.  Saturn represents machines and mechanics. You will see how governments in Asia will finally find the root problems to the airplane crashes that have happened in past 18 months and any machinery that wasn't working, Saturn will show you the reason why it wasn't working. This is the best time to fix any machines, cars or equipments you will use in the next 6 months otherwise Saturn will make you pay for negligence. People who had their construction halted from past issue will finally be able to solve those issues to carry out the work.

Saturn will also have an effect on your image during this time. The way people see you and interact with you will some how be different, especially if Saturn is transiting the 1st, 7th and 10th house from your "Arudha Lagna". Arudha Lagna is a concept in Jamini astrology which shows how the world preserves you and how others think of you. Transits from Arudha pada show how world will relate with you during this time. To find your Arudha lagna you can get the full astrological report available under option 4 on my website under shop section. Under the section of Jamini in the middle of the report it will show you your Arudha ascendant. Wherever you ascendant lord is placed, count that many places from your ascendant lord to come to your Arudha Lagna. If Saturn is your atmakarka, as in holding the highest degree it will now make you more serious, discipline of a person with no patience for humor or jokes. You are now focused on a single task which is to fix what is broken.

Saturn retrograde through houses:

1st house:  people will suddenly find themselves slowing down in their daily activities to better their health. They will see the problems that one might have missed for past 4 months and with the flashlight of Saturn you will not miss it. Going to the doctor or holistic doctor will occur naturally.  You will notice that people will see you as a mysterious, investigative person who does not want to reveal too much about their life. People will be intimidated by your approach.

2nd house: these people will finally see the reason why they haven't had any savings, or being able to save money or earn money in their life. They will finally go back and fix the problem that they should have back 4 months ago. Re-connecting with family problems will actually solve major issues for a long period to come. Karma of Saturn make you value what needs to be valued in your life, it may not be money, it may be discipline.

3rd house: these folks will realize that they didn't put enough effort to make things happen in their life and due to misinformation that brought them problems in past 4 months will finally be fixed, like you missing a sentence on your resume that might have kept you from getting a job or that one misspelling that employers are noticing and passing on your resume. Issues with younger siblings will have to take center stage in your life.

4th house: your will be engaged in fixing health issue of your mother and your home. Suddenly you will see that you might have missed that inspection which could unearth termites in the foundation of house or your mother ignoring her health issues will finally be bought to life with your effort.

5th house: one will reconnect with the roots one their education and learning something valuable which they might have missed previously. Discovering a new lesson in your education or spiritual education; like someone discovering that there is such thing as 'Jamini" astrology and not just Prashara. They will fix the issues of children that they ignored in pervious years.

6th house: One will go the roots of their health issue and see what the exact problem is which may be causing all the anxiety in the past 4 months. You will be able to go to the root of the enemy's den and rip him off before he could get you. Social issues around you will become a unearth topic of discovery. You may be asked to judge or solve a social issue around you.

7th house: Saturn will find his full dik bala here and will not only show the problems in partnerships and marriage but will also show the transformation that is needed in your career because 7th house is 10th from the 10th. You will see why you haven't been able to get along with your spouse and partner or even bosses. You will reach to the root of the marital problem and take the problem out from its roots. You will either come across people who are mystics, investigators or your image into the world be of someone who is too mysterious for their own good. They will feel something is brewing within you which they may not be able to figure out.

8th house: These folks are going to finally realize the truth about their life. They will finally take the steps to understand the root of the mysteries of this world. Yes, they will be finally join groups related to occult, mysticism, and find their belief in it if they didn't before. They will find sudden benefit from government, oil and chemicals or anything buried underground. This is the best time for a cave or treasure hunter to go and search for that thing they could never find before.

9th house: Saturn here will make you take a journey to re-connect with the roots of your religion and spirituality. It will show the real deal and not something which has been embellished by your pears and gurus. You will finally understand what you teachers and father figure was trying to tell you and advise you. You will dive deep within the realm of philosophy and your post grad education.

10th house: Your career change will happen, you will finally realize that current work situation have many holes and is not serving your need and passion in this life. You will find the root cause of all the setbacks in past 4 months and you will discover it was either your co-workers or boss playing politics with you underneath. With Saturn's flashlight you will find far better opportunities to gain advantage in your career. Your reputation in the society will become better after you find the reason as to why the image was suffering in first place. During this retrograde you will be seen as man on mission to discover something about themselves.

Saturn in 11th house: You will see the root cause of why things haven't been great with the elder sibling and your network circle. Saturn will shine the light on why the gains through investments were faulted in past 4 months and one the problem is fixed it will flow like a oil rig. Investments in oil will also pay off for people who have a strong Saturn to being with in their birth horoscope.

12th house: Saturn will take you back to foreign places where you might have found too many restriction and bounders and you will see the gate that will allow you to escape those boundaries. You will have to re-connect with your spiritual side and your dreams will show you the cause of the unnecessary suffering.

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