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Sagittarius Horoscope

Element- Fire

Gender- Male

Ruler- Jupiter

Vedic Astrology- December 15- January 14th

Tropical- November 23rd- December 22nd

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, which starts from December 15- January 14th. You must be thinking I have written this information wrong, because Sagittarius is from November 23rd- December 22nd , right? Well, if you want to know why, scientifically the true dates are December 15- January 14th, check out my video on What is Vedic Astrology?

Sagittarius, the philosopher, is ruled by the planet of wisdom Jupiter. Jupiter represents religion, philosophy, expansion of wisdom, education and higher knowledge. Sagittarius represents the ideology of Jupiter. These folks are very fond of religion and following the righteous path, but Sagittarius people are more about be practical than being in the dream world of philosophical knowledge. There wisdom comes from thinking logically. Sagittarius people love studying, they love getting their masters' degree, Ph.D and becoming a professor. If these folks can stay at a universe for life; they will do that. Sagittarius are also about free spirit and giving space to their partner, and expecting the same in return. For Sagittarius people, loving making isn't as important as talking about intellectual things, while in bed. This is why most of the time they only prefer someone with low sex drive, but high educational drive. The best profession for these people would be to become a professor, writer, researcher, non-fictional writers. priests, philosophers, scientific researchers, astrologers, astronomers, archeologist and any kind of teacher.

The question is, how will Sagittarius 2012 Horoscope will be, well, I do not know. Why I don't know? because I do not know 'You', personally. I do not have your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, and me giving a general prediction for Sagittarius doesn't mean anything because more than half of those prediction will not come true, or those predictions will be too general to pinpoint its accuracy. You should read my blog here on Daily, Weekly and Yearly Horoscope. Another important aspect to look at in astrology & horoscope is that your 'Moon Sign' is far more important and more accurate than your Sun Sign, because Moon represents your mind and the way you feel, while Sun represents your soul, soul which can not be touched.

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