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Rohini Nakshatra (10:00 Taurus to 23:20 Taurus Aries)
Planet- Moon
Symbol- Chariot
Deity- God Bhrama

Rohini Nakshatra is about beauty, wealth and luxury. Since this nakshatra is ruled by the Moon. It represents emotions, however, such emotions are not emotional, but actually emotions of happiness and living in bliss. These folks like to be a part of elite, rich and wealthy group and they want to associate with people who can increase their status and wealth. This is also a very creative nakshatra as it represents singers, actors and dancers. However, one thing to know about Rohini is that they get angry pretty quickly and when they do, they can kill someone. The rule moon, which represents the mother, shows great wealth and fame through the mother and a great relationship with the mother. The was married into quite a rich and wealthy family. These people cut through things and move forward, this make them very bold and symbolized by chariot.

This nakshartra is about creation, whether creating art, kids, or a new invention. They are very balanced and calm in the mind. They are quite beautiful, especially females in this nakshtra. But, one of their qualities is to work less and make more. They do not want to work 9-5 like rest of the world, because they know in the time they would waste on tedious work, they can enjoy life, enjoy luxury or simply enjoy any kind of art But, this doesn't mean they are lazy, they actually are the most hard working people who know the value of money and security. This is why they make some of the best businessmen, because they are very smooth and calm in their approach, unless of course you don't go by what they are telling you then they will challenge you. Hardly anyone can stop them at achieving their goals, they will go through any hurdles and reach their destination, unless Moon is in a planetary war.

Rohini nakshatra pada 1-  A person born under the pada 1 of Rohini nakshtra will be very calm and gentle like the moon, respect others, great in business dealing due to their smooth talk. They very romantic and passionate in love & relationships and usually are the most beautiful of all Rohini pada. These people are born in wealthy families and they, themselves are able to do quite well for themselves in self earned wealth.

Rohini nakshatra pada 2- People born under Pada 2 of Rohini Nakshatra are very artistic, love signing and music or playing a musical instrument, and are well liked in public life. Such people have the true nature of the moon, which is about taking care of others and being motherly. They always seek to have security and pleasure in life which for them enhances their artistic imagination because the less stress they have, the better they do in the field of creativity and art. Their income is also driven through art and business related to moon like nursing, hotels, imagination and local government work.

Rohini nakshatra pada 3- People born under the pada 3 of Rohini nakshatra get success in life but quite late, things usually come late to them, at least after the age of 32. They are very well balanced in all aspects of life, they can be artistic and at the same time be business like. They may not have such great relationship with the mother like the other two padas, but with time their relationship gets better. This pada runs in time. The more time that passes in their life, the better they do with all aspects from career, marriage and education.

Rohini nakshatra pada 4- Pada 4 people of Rohini Nakshatra are truth seekers, believe quite heavily in religion and religious text but they are more business like than artistic. Such people love dealing and wheeling, and trading with others. They make very good financial advisors, great in gold and gem business or as a fashion or clothing manufacture. But they will always seek God and believe in God in hard times and good times. Compare to other business owners, these guys like to do business with simple, honest and straight forward attitude. They do not like cheating anyone.
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