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Horoscope Relationships

In your astrological birth chart there are planets settled in a certain house, sign, degree, nakshatra; while receiving an aspect from a certain planet. These situations as I mentioned will either destroy or make your relationship regal with some of your family members or the people you run into in your life. Why do you have a bad relationship with your mother? Why is that you can never get along with men and always break up with them? And, why is that you and your siblings are always fighting with you? The answers to all of these questions are in your planets. The planets and their condition in a individual birth chart shows how these relationships are going to pan out in your lifetime.

In astrology, celestial bodies like Moon and Sun are also considered planets, but, that is not the end, there are other, invisible planets, that are just eclipse points of the moon, that, too, are considered planets: Rahu & Ketu. With all the planets combined, they make up the people that are around you.

Below is the chart of what each planet represents in your horoscope.

SUN- Father
MOON- Mother
MERCURY- Sisters
VENUS- Any female other than mother & sister.
MARS- Brother, male friends.
JUPITER- Husband, teacher, guru, advisor, counselor.
SATURN- Maternal uncle & aunts, your boss & servants.
RAHU- In-Laws
KETU- Son-&-daughter

Once the above planets are in bad dignity, that is when the problems occurs.

Sun in Libra; In the 4th house at 10 degrees, will create a very distant or restricted relations with the father. Either, the father will be abusive, or will be absent in life due to early death, travel or leave the home for another woman while you were young. The reason is simple, Sun in Libra is at it's weakest point, while in 10 degrees Libra it's at its most deepest weakness, and, being in the 4th house, it's losing its directional strength.
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