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Rahu in Artha House Secret
Rahu in Artha house is a very unique and magical place. Because from the Artha houses Rahu will influence or aspect the 10th house of career and public image. Rahu having 3rd and 11th house aspect is a different thing but from the Artha houses which are known as the houses career, earning and money makes a huge difference. These are 2nd, 6th and 10th house. Why is this the most unique position for Rahu? I learned this from one of the astrologer name S.K., I am using only his initials because he pretty much ended up selling me stones, poojas for too much money which never made any sense and I bought into the hype of remedy. This is either a hidden secret information or simply a overlooked fact of Rahu. When a person has Rahu in Artha houses he or she must make a face impression on people to make their money. What does this mean? this means people need to know your name and related your name to your face in order for you to make money; just like an actor, public figure, spokes person or anyone who is selling anything in this world on a billboard, television and now-a-days social media network.

Take a look at Steve Jobs as an example. People knew Steve Jobs far more than Apple computer or its products back in the 80's, 90's. It was Steve Jobs who made Apple known because he was the face of the company. He went out with his showmanship on stage and sold the product to the world. People bought into the Apple dream and culture due to Steve Jobs. No other company at that time was doing this. No CEO was known by the name and face like Steve Jobs. Later we had Bill Gates who did the same thing, Steve Balmer, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckurberg the Google brothers. Everyone started to becoming the face of the company to sell their products. I am not stating that they all have Rahu in the Artha house but the energy of this placement is very much similar to these people. I remember S. K. telling me about a man who struggled till 48 until he consulted him and he told him to start putting his face on marketing campaign, soon after he did that business started growing. I do believe S.K. despite his salesmanship on remedy because it worked for many of the people I consulted over the years. 

You will never get one full knowledge or history of astrology from one particular school, or astrologer. Coming in contact with other Old G's of astrology you get to learn tit bit of information that makes a big difference; just like after a life time I discovered Saptarishis Astrology. They bought a whole new set of rules and methods in astrology.

I see many people who are in business of carpet cleaning, Real Estate, Tech, Fashion, Apparel, but having Rahu in Artha houses they are simply marketing their product and wondering why business is not booming. Rahu is a planet that loves being in front of the crowd, loves being in front of the limelight. When placed in the houses of work and money Rahu sets his own rules and regulations. In a way Rahu being a functional malefic planet becomes a tricky argla in the horoscope, argla meaning obstruction. If an astrologer didn't know about this Rahu's scenario would probably deemed a horoscope of wealth. But Rahu is willing to give you anything and everything if you help Rahu. When you show your face to public you are not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for Rahu. I see people struggling, looking for jobs, looking for promotion but no hope in sight. This is because when someone doesn't know their path to their destiny, a lonely highway can be a very deadly thing. You will go throughout your life walking just to reach the gas station so you can call for help, while the narrow dusty road where your car broke down was the shortest path to your home.

I get people coming back for consultation saying I still haven't gotten my promotion or a new job, why, what is going on? I open the chart and I see Rahu in artha house just waiting like a sleeping giant who can take over the world in an instant. I keep telling them the same thing, but sometimes some people just have to pay their karmic debt and not take action. I don't care if you are an I.T. professional, lawyer, carpet cleaner or author. If people can't relate your name to your face your car ain't moving. The more you are knonw, the more you will get. It's kind of like the Kardashians, you get the fame first, then you sell and make money from whatever you touch.

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