kapiel raaj, Pushya  nakshatra
Pushya Nakshatra (3:21 Cancer to 16:40 Cancer)
Planet- Saturn
Symbol- cow utter   
Deity- Priest of God  

Pushya nakshatra is about caring for others, not because we are in the sign of cancer, but because this is the nakshatra that is about taking the pain of others and putting it on your shoulder. These folks take all the burden without wanting anything in return, however, this can also lead to a lot of stress, frustration and tireless, because they usually do not get a return for their service, they just give, give without ever wanting anything in return, but they usually don't. This is why at point point they can become cold like Saturn, since Saturn is a cold planet, yet is about service to humanity. This is why Moon or ascendant in this nakshtra can produce a person who goes out and gives a service to the world without wanting anything in return, however, in their professional career Saturn gives them a lot of gain, discipline and structure.

This guys are very good at emotionally supporting people, whether they are friends, family or strangers. This is why Pushya nakshatra is represented by a cow utter, because cow gives us milk without thinking, without judging, without criticizing and ego. It just gives milk without any pre-set conditions. These folks suffer a lot of heartbreaks in life, not just from love or romantic relationships but also from family and friends, the reason is simply, Saturn controls this naksahtra, and wants to teach these people that you must not attach yourself to things emotionally but rather logically. Once you do that, you will no longer suffer, and you will look at everyone with the same frequency pattern. Saturn tells us that no matter how much you do for the other person, they will leave due to their own will or will of the universe which is death. Just like Robert De Nero said in the movie 'Heat', "Never attach yourself to something you can not walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you felt the heat around the corner."  These folks rise in life after the age of 34.

Pushya nakshatra pada 1-  People with Pushya nakshtra pada 1 are quite religious and spiritual. They find the theological side of life more satisfying than the material. Such people can manifest into rising at a higher level in the spiritual realm, like a guru, priest, Imam or rabbi. They become the top guy in their religious foundation, kind of like the catholic church where 'Black pope' is the highest of all pops. Saturn is a cold, dark and old planet with lot of karmic wisdom to teach, and such people are quite good at teaching the occult knowledge as well.

Pushya nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Pushya people are very good at following the law. Saturn, who is the judge, makes these people law-abiding citizen, and they can also make this their profession, like a lawyer or judge. Even though this is a material pursuit career wise, however there is a great dharma for such people who fight for the rights of others and fight for the law of the land. This doesn't mean they have to be an attorney, they can also be politicians, civil rights activist or community organizer.

Pushya nakshatra pada 3- Pada 3 people rise in life as well, but this more of a material side of life. Here, Saturn becomes a builder, like a commercial real estate builder, since Cancer represents home and Saturn represents construction, they can become businessmen in home construction business or engineers. This can also make a person a home decorator and architect. Someone who knows the value of home and security. These people rise after the age of 30.

Pushya nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Pushya pada 4 are very intelligent and pursue a life of knowledge and enhancing their brain power. They make very good historians, history professors and teachers, also someone who wants to preserve old and antique things; this is due to Saturn represents old and antique things. While the zodiac sign of cancer is about nurturing things and people. These people naturally gravitate towards preserving old ancient text, artifacts and history.
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