kapiel raaj, Magha  nakshatra
Purva Phalguani Nakshatra (13:21 Leo to 26:40 Leo)
Planet- Venus
Symbol- Hammrock      
Deity- God Prosperity     

Purva Phalguani nakshatra is still occuring in Leo however, now, Venus comes into play. Venus which is about pleasure and material bliss along with art or artistic expression. These people first of all are very romantic in love, not only because of their dynamic expression relationship and romance but also because Venus derives them towards meeting someone and mating with someone. Venus here gives a very sensual outlook on life to these raw fighters of the jungle. Such Leo's are fare more accommodating than Magha nakshatra or Uttra Phalguani, which are more masculine while these Leo are more understanding of feminine needs and wants. They love to be pampered and love pampering their loved ones. Wealth and luxury comes quite easily for these people especially in the first pada of this nakshatra.

However this nakshatra is also about courtship or making relationship which are professional, becoming a lawyer who merges two companies together. This nakhsatra is the seed of creation or someone who likes to create something and as an artist, one would want to create art. They are also fond of music and you can hear them singing in the shower or in alone time. They can become great managers, psychologist and restaurant owners. Since this nakshatra is about creating things, they usually are found being involved in franchises. But, such nakshatra people need to understand that Venus is a planet that wants to seek pleasure and be in harmony with everyone, but in the side of egoistic Lion, this can become a problem for them as their ego will be driven by pleasure.  

Purva Phalguani nakshatra pada 1-  People with Purva Phalguani nakshtra pada 1 are very self made and stubborn and hate being slave to anyone. They like to be their own boss and like to call their own shots. They come out as shroud but they are simply do not want to be controlled this is why they are better off having their own business or working as a freelance worker. They are very confident people who do well in business of taking care of others like hotel management, nurse and even medical field.

Purva Phalguani nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Purva Phalguani people are very easy going, creative, artistic and are fond of being around creative people. However, if you push their button, their anger can sudden burst, and they can commit some horrendous act. It's like bothering a lion when he's calm and easy, because after being annoyed enough the lion will burst and attack. Due to their artistic talent, they can also be home decorator, designers and architects. Pada 2 people enjoy much wealth through creative pursuits or a profession that allows them to have creative freedom.

Purva Phalguani nakshatra pada 3- Pada 3 people love to play sports and like competition, unlike Mars who forces his will upon others, these folks like to engage in sports competition for the pleasure of it than for winning, however, one can have a winning spirit but it won't be as brutal as naksahtra in Aries of Bhrani, which too is ruled by Venus. Purva Phalguani pada 3 people are very much involved in family, kids and creativity more than competition and defeating others, however, a lion will always defend his or her dean no matter how calm and peaceful they are. The animal instant are always present.

Purva Phalguani nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Purva Phalguani pada 4 are the ones who truly enjoy the limelight and fame. They love to walk the walk and talk the talk of lion. When they are at a party, function or red carpet they make sure their presence is recognized and they are given credit for their creativity and fence. They are so much involved into themselves that they will despair their wealth upon their looks and pleasure, which can also cause financial hardship if they are not careful of their spending habits.
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