kapiel raaj, Chitra  nakshatra
Purva-Ashadha Nakshatra (13:21 Sagittarius to 26:40 Sagittarius)
Planet- Venus
Symbol- Elephant Tusks      
Deity- God of water

People born under Purva-Ashadha nakshatra are highly regarded as world travelers and those who love to use water as their way of travel. So many people I have seen who love sailing, boating and going on cruse under this nakshatra. It's simply, the nakshatra is controlled by the god of water. They love to be in a relationship and very honest and committed to the person. There way of loving is not based on material things but philosophical and spiritual connection. Theses folks looks for love with people are highly intelligent, academically successful and broad minded. They fall in love with people on traveling trips and their mind is always in balance when experiencing different culture and art.

These people, when they love they love genuinely. They want to find a mate who is very spiritual and open minded about the world. But one thing that can be a drawback is their complete reliance on knowledge and not the little things that make the romance better, sex. They are more about exploring the mental side of romance than physical which may be a problem for may. They all in love quickly but may fall out as well due to lack of spiritual and philosophical interaction between them and the other. This is best suited for broad traveling career, sailing, teacher and even non-profit work for religious organization.

Purva-Ashadha nakshatra pada 1-  People born under Purva-Ashadha naksahtra pada 1 are very dynamic, dramatic and creative people. They know how to impress others and how to reach into people's. Because only a lion's heart can do such a thing. They want to experience love in the most dramatic fashion with lot of creativity involved. They love creative and dramatic arts like acting, stage performance and public speaker who travels the globe.

Purva-Ashadha nakshatra pada 2- People born under People born under Purva-Ashadha naksahtra pada 2 are very calculative and critical and logical about their love, romance, beliefs and philosophical outlook on life. They may not believe any religious hogwash right away but they are natural healers. They want to help people in the most realistic and logical way. They can be highly critical of their mate and may argue about world philosophy instead of discussing it.

Purva-Ashadha nakshatra pada 3- People born under Purva-Ashadha naksahtra pad 3 are very creative and sensual. They love the idea of romance and love and fall for many people quite easily. They cannot live without a relationship and for them relationship and other people are a way to creativity express themselves. They make great artist and designers. Their peace of mind comes when they are in a group with other people while traveling or experiencing anything of art and culture.  

Purva-Ashadha nakshatra pada 4- People born under Purva-Ashadha naksahtra pad 4 are very passionate, dramatic and deep when it comes to world philosophy, spirituality and love. When they fall in love they fall deep which can be dangerous and adventurous. They can be very deep thinkers who want to reach the depth of one's knowledge and philosophy. They have their way with people and are very sexual of all the pada in this naksahtra.These people make great tantrik gurus and astrologers. 

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