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Planets Meaning In Astrology

SUN- The father, (The King), power, authority, your soul, and the way you come out to people, how bright your light shines depends upon the condition of your sun. Sun control the vital energy within you which drives you success.

MOON- Mother, (Queen), emotions, how your react to emotions, home life, your peace of mind, the way you think, but do not mistake this for your intelligence, which is ruled by Mercury. We all have emotions, but our intelligence is at different level.

MERCURY- Now we come to your intelligence: Mercury. It represents communication, media, writing ability, speaking ability, ability to do business, and how serious of a person you are, or are you a total comedian, and your lustfulness, wanting to have sex all day, or no sex at all depends on Mercury. It also represents Prince. Prince loves to have fun, and be around women if he’s straight. No one takes prince seriously, but he still has an authority because after all, he’s son of the King (Sun).

VENUS- it represents your wife, girlfriend, (Princess) Venus is a princess, not a queen, they are two different personalities. Queen is mature, and ready to handle the kingdom’s issues type of gal, but princess just wants to play like the prince, and desire all the material things. Venus also represents females in your life that you come across; pleasure from luxury, but it does not represent lust, which is ruled by Mercury. Venus shows the type of females you will attract in your life, but the pleasure from them depends upon your mercury and the sign it controls.

MARS- represents your friends, (Soldier), your fighting ability, bother, and brotherly figures in life, and most importantly your will power or lack thereof. Mars is your will power, and your ability to fight through tasks and hurtles  you run into in your life.

JUPITER- Jupiter is wisdom, your teacher, (King’s minister), and the type of teachers you run into  in your life, expansion of thoughts, and it shows expansion of certain things in your life which depends upon the sign and house it controls. They say Jupiter controls wealth; no, it does not, Jupiter controls the wealth of wisdom and opportunity, and how much wealth you make out of that opportunity. The wealth factor depends upon your Venus and Saturn, yes Saturn. You may think Saturn is only responsible for misery in your life, but remember, it controls the 10th and 11th sign in the Zodiac, and 10th house and 11th house control your career, and incoming gains.

SATURN- (General of the army) represents your uncle, the type of boss you’ll have, your good and bad deeds in this life or the past, how hard will you work, your true career and wealth, your level of maturity and aspects of your life that might be restricted for at least 50% of your life. I say this because even though Saturn limits your ability of certain aspects of your life depending upon the sign and house its ruling, it usually frees you up from its aftermath after the age of 35 per eastern astrology.


Saturn in the 7th house, or the zodiac sign that Saturn rules are in the 7th house, and, if Saturn (aspects) the 7th house (we’ll talk about ASPECTS later in the book), this will give you a late or delayed marriage or business partnership, but it WILL give you a marriage. It just a delays it, and knowing this fact, it will be better if you got married after the age of 32. If you have this placement in your chart and you get married before that age, then divorce will be your next calling. This is why it’s so important to know your true astrology and your true astrological chart, as it will help you skip the rocks on your pathway.

RAHU- North node of the moon, which only has a head and no body; because the body is the south node KETU is a major part of the Vedic Astrological system. Rahu loves the worldly riches, and possession of all the material things. Rahu wants to have those things you see on MTV cribs and it wants your next generation Iphone. It wants that Benz, and hates driving its current car. Rahu is where our ambitions are, it’s what we constantly think about. Next time, look at the house and sign that your Rahu (north node) is sitting in, and understand the detail of that sign and the planet that rules that sign, and see if you have the same desires as that sign talks about. Most likely, you will agree. To find out the details of the sign, just Google the name of the sign, or say “Rahu in Gemini, or Scorpio,” but more importantly Google the house Rahu is sitting in. (type: Rahu in Scorpio 2nd house, or Rahu in 5th house)

KETU- He is the rest of the body, without the head, some say he’s stupid because he doesn’t have a head with brain, some say he’s just a loner, because he loves being alone and away from all the worldly things; in contrary, just the opposite of Rahu. Depending upon the house Ketu is in, it will make you either less needy of what that house represents, or will give you less desires to get the things related to that house. Ketu feels like he’s already experienced the things of the house he sits in in your past life. Ketu is the part which you shouldn’t really care about too much as it will manifest itself, without you even thinking about it.

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