kapiel raaj, Chitra  nakshatra
Mula/ Moola Nakshatra (0:00 Sagittarius to 13:20 Sagittarius)
Planet- Ketu
Symbol- Roots of tree     
Deity- Goddess of destruction 

Mula nakshatra people are very powerful in terms of digging deep to the root cause of things and remove whatever isn't need or necessary for survival. There are lot of deep rooted issues within the native that they must clear out. They are constantly looking back at their past events and reaching the roots of their disillusion and emotional problems to figure out how the future needs to be. Such people can also make great scientists and doctors because they reach the root cause of the diseses and cure it. Ketu is the planet of detachment and moksha. Such nakskhatra occurring the sign ruled by Jupiter shows that there is a heavily duty of spiritual lessons that the native brings from past life to attain the fruits of their education in this life. These folks are not only philosophical but very good at spiritual intuition and meditation.

The native of this nakshatra may not be so fond of rituals and religion, rather, they want to attain the spiritual side of higher learning. They want to seek gurus who won't put them in the pit of religion but in the arms of moksha. Such people make great Scientifics because they do not buy the hog wash of religious books and all the mundane knowledge that everyone follows. They want to get to the root of cause of religion which is spirituality. The mind is quite troubled here because such people always tend to look at the dyer past and detachment themselves from the world time to time.

Mula nakshatra pada 1-  People born under Mula nakshatra pada 1 enjoy great plesure from spiritual and philosophical retreat or vacation. They love traveling to places that with enhance their spiritual awareness. They love philosophical discussions but at the same time they want to preach what they bring to the table from past lives. Such folks are natural gifted with the ability to dive into the roots of human emotions and save people from bulldozing their mind.

Mula  nakshatra pada 2- People born under Mula nakshatra pada 2 may have a lot of emotional issues which are linked to their past life and all the roots that have caused their tree to grow fruits of emotional baggage. But later on in life the native finds great strength and mental stability to form their daily tasks including having a great relationship with their mother. Their are very sensual and love financial stability.

Mula  nakshatra pada 3- People born under Mula nakshatra pada 3 are very communicative about spiritual and philosophical discussion. They have many ideas about how to create a spiritual world around them and to teach others what they should be expecting with their lives. Such people make great salesmen of philosophy and traveling. Later in their life they have many ideas which they form in a shape of book. Pada 3 people also become great businessmen in life.

Mula  nakshatra pada 4- People born under Mula nakshatra pada 4 are very intuitive, caring and nurturing. They have a spiritual and philosophical way of taking care of others. Such people may also be very emotional about the events of their past because they cannot let go of the roots which are holding the tree of emotional baggage. There is emotional stability in middle age. They are very motherly and cannot take the suffering of others. Such people make great nurses, caretaker and message therapists.

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