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Moon mahadasha (Chandra mahadasha in Jyotish)

Moon mahadasha lasts for 10 years in a native's life depending upon the degree of the moon. But, Moon in Vedic astrology represents mother, emotions, intuitions, feelings, imagination, nourishment, the way we think, comfort, fertility and public life. When one goes through such time period the native would be more than emotional, intuitive, concerned with home, mother and one's children if the period comes in midlife. If the native wasn't so emotional before, the 10 year period of the moon will bring about situation that will make the person more sensitive to their exterior subjects. There are great dealings with the mother or the mother of the native would be greatly involved in his or her life. Here the person also feels like being more artistic and imaginative. They like to be home rather than work and work on home projects. People usually take on home business in such time period. When studying dasha one has to understand that it's not just the planet that lights up in the chart like a bulb, but the sign that planet rules lights up if the planet is not situated in it's own sign and all the planets sitting in the nakshatra of the planet will also light up.

When one goes through Moon's mahadasha, not only Moon will light up, but also the house that is being controlled by the sign of cancer, along with planets that are sitting in the nakshatra of Moon like Rohini, Hasta and Saravan. This is why in the dasha of one planet we are involved with multi dimensional aspect of our chart not only because of the antra dasha but because the planet situated in the nakshtra of the mahadasha lord will also be activated. But Moon is also a strong indicator of wealth, home and comfort. If one's Moon is situated in a good house and sign then there would be acquiring of a home, vehicle and wealth. But Moon, wherever it sits also brings about the up & down tides of the ocean since it controls the water retention in our body, so there would be great ups & downs in emotions and things related to the house where Moon sits. If someone has Moon in the sixth house in their horoscope in the sign of Pisces, then during such time the native would be very concerned about small animals, taking care of poor, older and unprivileged people. They would be dealing and wanting to resolve other people's conflicts however they would do all these things through imagination since the sing of Pisces is known for being imaginative and intuitive. Since Moon is in Pisces in the sixth house that means the sign of Cancer would be in the 10th house which is career. The native would also deal with conflicts of work, enemies at work since sixth house shows enemies and due to being Libra ascendant it can show someone who might be a nurse, doctor or vet.

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