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Mars & Saturn conjunction 2016
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There is a conjunction happening in the sky for the next 7 months between Saturn and Mars while Mars itself is retrograde in the sky starting April 16th but it's been in RX motion since March 14th which is the preemptive to retrograding so it's preparing for retrograding. This is a conjunction happening in the sign of Scorpio. First we have to understand their fundamental nature. Mars is the planet of action, energy, forcefulness, wars and discipline; Mars also show as technician, engineer, and technical specks, soldier and fighter. Saturn is the planet of delay, limits, boundaries, servants, public, administration, reality, structure and also discipline like Mars. Saturn Mars both show discipline because Saturn has patience to learn and achieve a task while Mars has the commanding and solider like mentality to be discipline to achieve their mission or to complete a boot camp. A solider gets up at the crack of dawn but so does a laborer working in the mines. They both have different missions for their discipline.

When Saturn Mars become conjunct in the sky it shows a certain mission the individual has been assigned to complete, a task they must push forward and fight for that task. They become a small army of general and solider. They plan, strategize, and most of the time work together, but there is a pull and push between them. One is simply ready to run and attack the enemy, he can't wait. The other is patient to get the enemy at the right position for strike and this is where they have war of their own internally. What happens is due to such argument the house itself becomes a warzone vs. the mission assigned to the ask. This is why we find many athletes, soldiers, fighters, engineers and polities with such combinations, each one of these individual have a internal war happening which makes them angry, frustrated and they finally lash out at their enemy due to such frustration in the ring, court, arena or war field. But this combination makes them a machine as well because Saturn is the machinery and Mars is the engine, the energy, the battery for the machine to operate. Saturn shows a long lasting task, Mars shows the energy to finish such task this is why such people can fight, play sports and run for hours on end while others need water after a short while.

Now, Mars is going retrograde that means the action, the energy an the discipline Mars attains has weakened, the native is feeling lack of energy and finds hurdles during and lack of motivation to take the task forward because retrograde Mars gets tangled up into the previous mission. Many people find themselves suddenly having to fix or to work extra on the task previously assigned to them than the new one. There are impulsive anger due to the solider within us going back to the old war zone which he thought he conquered. But, Saturn is now sitting with Mars which changes a lot of things, also we have to notice Saturn is not retrograde, it's direct. This gives tremendous support to Mars which shows that "The machine" is working again, and what occurs is killing a two birds with a single arrow. There is enough effort, and energy given to Mars to not only tackle the previous task but to finish quick enough to work on the new mission as well. Retrograde Mars with direct Saturn in birth chart may not be the best choice, but in the sky transiting works very well because both planets are not only ruling a certain house in our horoscope but they are re-defining the energy of our birth Mars and Saturn. One thing you will notice you are purposely bringing up older projects along with new ones to finish or work on at the same time. I myself have been working on my new book Mahadashas@ the speed of light, but right when Mars went retrograde I suddenly wanted to finish my fictional  book 'The Black Legend: Rise of Rahu.' This conjunction has given me enough energy and passion to go forward with both books. I didn't even realize I bought a workout machine and treadmill to have home gym in my basement, all without realizing both Mars and Saturn are conjunct. Just last week I found interest and learning martial arts, I have been watching movies on martial arts, documentaries or Chinese movies. This is the power of this conjunction; but in the sign of Scorpio where Mars holds his domain is on the biggest reason for Mars to get such support. The sign of Scorpio is of a transformation so the mission of both planets is to transform the house they are transiting in in your horoscope as part of their mission. They are also now becoming spring cleaners, they are cleaning out and throwing away what is not working and keep the weapons that will help them make you a better person. This is the reason why I want to transform my body into a healthy body as Scorpio is also the sign of health.

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