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Krittika Nakshatra (25:41 Aries to 10:00 Degree Taurus)
Planet- Sun
Symbol- knife 
Deity- God of fire

Krittika is a very powerful nakshatra because it shows the rising of Sun God at the vernal equinox. The fiery sun gives the ability to burn away negative and dark side of a person's life and bring brightens. This is why never lie to a Krittika person because your lie will be caught and brunt by their ability to know the truth. Sun, which represents royal kingdom, government, public life and creativity gives these native the ability to shine in public life for their work and effort for the others. Sun being a planet of creativity gives them dynamic flair for cinema, acting, entertainment and even a painter. The symbol of Krittika is a knife, which means cutting through darkness and bringing in light, but in mundane sense this also means that someone who is skilled in the art of weaponry, after all we are still under the sign of Aries for the first pada. These folks make some of the best chefs, martial artist and weapon manufactures.

We also need to be aware that this nakshatra also falls under the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. This is why the artistic side of these people is brightened by Sun and Venus both. When people are born in Krittika nakshtra under the zodiac sign of Taurus, they usually make very good singers, designers, make up artist, actors and painters, where on Aries side they are more about physical art, and working with weapons; where martial art comes into play. These folks are very independent, confident and exert a certain amount of ego, especially in the pada falling under Aries sign. Krittika people born in Aries will be far more macho and manly vs. ones born under Taurus zodiac sign, and even though they are in the same nakshtra, they will be defined by two different aspects of creativity.

One thing that can happen with such people is they become power hungry, need to take charge and be authoritative under the degrees falling in Aries. This can lead to over blown ego which overwhelms everyone else like the brightens of sun hides all the other starts who might bigger and brighter than the sun. But thinking Sun is the biggest planet in the sky is only an illusion, so such people need to keep their egos in check.

Krittika nakshatra pada 1-  eople born under Pada 1 of Krittika nakshatra have a very mystical side to them. They are illuminating, grasping and like to dig deep into the matter of all things. This means, digging deep for occult and mystic matters. They are also very arrogant, bold and may be quite bossy. Such people make good detectives and policemen, including Politian. Pada 1 people need to keep their anger in check.

Krittika nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 people can make good astrologers, tarrot card readers, psychics. They enjoy the power of knoweldge and learning about ancient texts. They are quite well versed in the scriptures of spirtual text like vedas, kabbala, tora, or numerology. Here, the sun's nature becomes more spiritual and one that wants to guide others regarding their life and future. On the other hand they like spy foods and meat.

Krittika  nakshatra pada 3- People born under pada 3 of Krittika nakshatra usually suffer from some sort of illness of the face, make take on too much responsibility that may not give out a good pay off. They make take up lot of work thinking it will give them a huge return but usually it doesn't, but if these folks are smart of what they pick and choose in life they can go far. Not all hard work has sweet fruits at the end, just like not all pleasure brings happiness. There must be a balance. However, these people are quite indulged in pleasure which gets them into financial trouble.

Krittika  nakshatra pada 4- People born under pada 4 are very intelligent, educated and love to learn about the religions text of their faith. They make great spiritual guidance, leaders and they love being the service of others. They love giving away without expecting much back, which in some cases can bring less than what they deserve. They will take on work which might pay them less than their worth. This is why such people should not settle for less, because their worth is far more than they expect of themselves.
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