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THE RAO FACTOR by Kapiel Raaj

K.N. Rao: best astrologer in the world today!

What is it about Sri K.N. Rao that mystified me? as it mystifies all those who come into his grace. My obsession regarding K.N. Rao started back in 2004 when I mentioned his name to my uncle who is a practicing astrologer himself for 35 years. He was shocked to learn that I knew about K.N. Rao. He asked me "How in the world do you know about him?", I told him I searched online for Vedic Astrology and his mention was everywhere. My uncle has known about Mr. Rao and B.V. Raman for ages, but it took me 12 years to get to the point where I truly understood the man behind the veil of jyotish. To me he is not just a jyotish, but a mystical saint who has natural intuition and divine grace of looking into the future. There is something about his articulate speech, words, and the way he present astrology. He captures your soul just in his words. I have seen his interview with Vaughn Paul Manley on Youtube redundantly, and will keep watching for a long time to come; because every time I watch the interview I learn something new and I feel a calming within me. Through his students like Vaughn Paul Manley, Marc Boney and Deepak Bisaria that I found myself suddenly interested in the lost science of Jamini astrology. K.N. Rao voice, words, photo and video just makes a true astrology wanting to come out from within you. He makes astrology fun and something to care about. He makes you want to ponder into the past of ancient India and those hidden gems who still luck in a small village and gully of India. He simply clears out all doubts.

Jaimini astrology is another major branch of Prashara astrology which was lost for 3000 years and was only revived in the 20th century by gurus like Sri Sri K.N. Rao who is considered the best Vedic astrology in the world including the best Jaimini astrologer in the world; but this science never gained as much attention as regular Vedic Astrology until recent years. Sri Rao accounts his understanding and introduction to Jamini astrology through a hidden gem known as "Vemuri Rama Murthy" in Andhra Pradesh, which is described in his book "Jaimini's Chara dasha". Many astrologers who came on my Youtube channel were also experts in Jaimini and always emphasized using both system together side by side to confirm events from the past. This is called composite approach. When looking at a horoscope through aspects of Prashara which are 80% of the whole game, you should also give a quick glance to Jamini aspects including Chara dasha. I have made understanding Jamini aspects very easy through my videos and will do the same in this book.

The most important thing to remember is never use just one method in your astrological analysis, always use Prashara and Jamini to confirm events in life. One doesn't work without the other for a common man unless you're a gifted saint.

One important fact to remember is that planets really become active in Jaimini when their sign based dasha becomes active, but in any chara dasha they will give their results based on how far they are from the sign dasha.

In Jamini astrology sign aspect other signs. Planets do not have aspects. But if a planet is sitting in a certain sign, that planet, too, will aspect all the houses that the sign is looking towards. In such a method a planet will have multiple aspects combining Prashara and Jamini together. If Saturn has 3 aspects in Prashara then in Jamini it may have additional 3. This is why in one single mahadasha Saturn can put delay on many things but no matter what mahadasha you are running, there will always be some "Chara dasha" running simultaneously with Vimshotri dasha. If Mahadasha of Saturn is running while the chara dasha of the sign where Saturn is placed that's when Saturn will began to aspect all the other respective houses.

These are some of the basic fundamentals of Jamini, but Jamini is like an iceberg, it looks simple from the top, but there is a huge cathedral of information within. If it wasn't for the countless hours of dedication of Sri K.N. Rao towards unfolding the mysteries of Jamini, we would be walking blindly in the vast maze of Jyotish. If you want to learn this science the right way, please visit the biggest school of astrology in the world "Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan". School run by K.N. Rao himself along with Professor Deepak Bisaria.

Jyotish is mainly a game of intuition with calculation, it's a sambandha which must not be forgotten. One must do immense amount of sadhna before trying to make any prediction through calcualtion, otherwise the mystical knowledge of astrology will not be understood or verified by the jatak aka astrologer. K.N. Rao has been meditating for over 40 years, if not more. These are the rules of astrology that won't be changed with time.