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Success in IT & SOFTWARE

In my 4 years of doing astrological consultations constituently I have come to see the most widely occurring combination of planets that show a successful career in IT, Software engineering or computer engineering. In the entire database of consultation I would say over 75% of the people are from this industry. Out of all the 100% of people I have given a career consultation to in this field only less than 35% are bound to find success. Just because we have some combinations in our chart doesn't mean we will find success in that field, more over we may find success just by giving our career a little twitch.

First let's see the most common factors in a chart that shows education and career in IT. You also have to keep in mind education in one subject does not mean wealth will also come from that subject.

The planets that show these fields are in chronological order of most important to least important.


Moon becomes the MOST important planet. Everything starts from the mind. The thought of becoming a software engineering has to start from the mind. The moon Nakshatra gives the biggest clue as to who you are, the memory that is stored on astral plain from previous experiences and what is to be done in this life.

When it comes actual career in IT Rahu is the most important factor I have seen in my experience. Rahu is the karaka of new age technology, software, aerospace, programming and dealing with electric storm of new age which is the internet and cloud computing. Rahu shows things which are undiscovered, untapped, out of the ordinary and things related to invisible connection like wifi.

Mercury represents languages, all types of them. Software programming is known as a language. Doesn't matter if it's English, Hindi, French or 0s and 1s; it's a language. Mercury shows skills of hands, our curiosity, intelligence to learn logic and it's the karaka of education known as (para vidtya) para meaning basic subjects like management, mathematics, history, physics etc.., (appara vidya) is the spiritual knowledge, vedas, jyotish etc..

Mars obviously represents engineering, technology, inner working of machines, mathematics, calculations, electronics; but without the first 2 Mars will not have nay say in the subject of IT or Software. If this article was based on engineering only then Mars Saturn would be on top.

Venus is the karaka of programming which can beautify something. A java script is simply a java script without any function, but once it's executed it shows a software program itself with pretty little button, and GUI which is Venus. Back in the days there was no need for GUI as computer was only a thing of government, and scientist facilities where much older geeks were working. Venus was bought forth by XEROX then Apple, Microsoft and finally Linux.

Ketu is the karaka of electricity, wifi, research based science, sharp tools like Mars. Ketu is also the karka of mother board through which also the electric current passes and the mystery of CUP is switched on. Which that is mysterious and cannot be figured out is Ketu. Everyone knows how to install a computer form scratch, how to make a motherboard, but no one knows exactly how a CUP works.

Saturn becomes the least important because it mechanical engineering, working with big machines, motors, simulators. Saturn is also routine repetitive jobs, something you will do every day.

Which houses are most common in such careers?

1st house
3rd house
5th house
9th house
10th house

1st house is you and who you are as a person. Whichever planet sits in the ascendant becomes the most important planet via which your life will revolve around. Having combination of planets on ascendant directs your life in a single direction. Many times I see Rahu Mercury in ascendant or Rahu Mars, Mars itself, Venus Rahu etc.. you can see what is influencing the person.

3rd house is information of all type. Gathering information, arranging information, distributing information. Without the support of this house IT field cannot exist. What I mostly see if people go into IT without the support of 3rd house and question why they are not successful. Software engineer does not require 3rd house but IT does. 3rd house is also skills of all types, technical and creative.

5th house is education. it's our bachelors degree. It's your skills like the 3rd house since 5th is bhavat bhavam of 3rd house.

9th house is your post grad education.

10th house is your work environment and your highest of impact in this world.

Zodiac Signs

Following zodaic signs have been the most common in my analysis for IT and software fields starting from the most important to least important.


Gemini is information like the 3rd house
Aquarius is science and technology
Aries is engineering, intelligence, technology
Virgo is highest of intelligence and ability to be detailed and patient
Scorpio is hidden knowledge, research, finding hidden problems
Capricorn is obviously status, career, and authority on a subject


Following Nakshatra are the most commonly seen from most important to least.


All these nakshatras have something to do with technology, new age electric storm of information, technical skills, technology itself or skills of hands.

In the birth chart I have always seen Rahu in 1st, 5th or 9th house, Mars in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th or 10th house, Mercury conjunct Rahu, Mars or Ketu, Venus conjunct Rahu or Mars.

All these placements of planets shows education occurring in technology and software because Rahu Mars will also aspect or impact the houses of education or karkaa of education Mercury.

D10 chart

Dasamsa chart needs also clearly shows a career in such fields. This is where luck of the draw comes into play. Why 80% of the world population is not happy with their career? this is simply because birth chart says something else, and D10 says something else; the only people who find success whose D1 (main chart) and D10 chart are synchronized together. The beauty is they are synchronized, ALWAYS, but they might not be showing success in IT of Software. There are many, many fields related to Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Ketu etc.. but when I try to synchronize it for people they do not want to listen, the only question is "when will I find the next job". What happens is after 6 months, 8 months, 12 months they again come back wanting to know the same thing but do not want the change; just when they will get a next job. That's the mantra. Also if the ascendant of birth and D10 are odd or even then there will be a need for 360 degree turn in career, you'll have to go from IT to banking, or IT medicine, or IT ro arts.

The value of Amatyakaraka: Amatyakaraka is the planet with the second highest degree which is responsible for giving you ability to earn money, your career and profession. People give great Value of Atmakaraka and complete forget the 6 other karaka, especially the 2nd karaka. I can't tell you how many times it has been the Amatyakara that was really responsible for bringing the success in career. Many times when I saw a IT professional switch from IT to finance or financial services was due to the amatyakarka being Jupiter. Jupiter may also represents teacher, astrologer, professor, lawyer ect but we have to see the condition of AMK no matter what type of career we are seeing.

Ashtakavarga:  This is a simple but complicated subject to address here but if certain planets or house where a planet is sitting receives low ashtakavarga points then success does not come from those planets. I do not ever discuss this with people, because even if you have low points your free will can change the value of that house; that's the secret of Ashtakavarga.

The question now becomes why only 25% find success out of 100% of this career field. The problem comes from MOON, the mind. I clearly see that Mind is elsewhere and skills are elsewhere while work is happening in something else. The problem is the what we see is what we do. In India, the country of 1.2 billion people education is most important based on Desh Kaal Patra. Whatever is happening, or whatever is the "IT" career everyone goes towards it due to desperate need for a job. If a person has 10 friends out of that 8 will do IT; this scenario influences the person to also go into IT regardless of that fact there chart is made for singing, filmmaking, physics, medicine or even a spiritual life. Then there is a heavy influence by parents to succeed so jatak can find a job. The other problem is there are SKILLS, everyone has all the SKILLS but no innovative quality. No one wants to do something new, they want a "JOB". This is not your fault, this is the fault of the system you have grown up in; just like I was for the first 12 yeas of my life in India and continuing via my parents who put the same value system even in United States. "Kapiel when will you get a job, do something, get a job, stop the nonesen of art, filmmaking or astrology, you need a job."

Most of the time I have seen people having great creative combination to go into "electronic arts, video game designing, app development business where they can create the next big thing like angry birds, candy crush, mine craft; but the habit is stuck on one single process of doing routine and reparative job.

The other problem is business vs. Jobs. Out of 100% of IT and Software charts I have seen over 65% have combination to be successful in self employment or business but all 100% are wanting to jobs and due to this they are either fired, keep changing jobs, not happy with the money they are making.

To be honest only 18% of all the charts I have seen I see success in IT or Software fields. But the question is can anyone find success in their life outside of IT and Softwares? Of course you can, but my issue is ARE YOU WILLING TO listen? Are you willing to follow instruction? Are you willing to have an open mind as to what else is possible for you in life? Most I am sorry to say are not willing to risk or go outside of their comfort zone which is the MOST important step towards success in any field.

People do things on condition, even I did that in past. Condition as in whatever the world, parents, friends or TV tells us we get influenced and we follow that path. The only path that is laid out is by the source energy which shows it through the birth chart; yet we NEVER like to follow that path which is the "unconditional" path to success. When you do something unconditionally it not only makes you feel good but gives you wealth, too.

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