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Astrology House Meanings

1st HOUSE – (Ascendant) (Most important per Eastern). It rules body and personality. Most astrologers will say it rules the majority of a person’s life and its luck as well, but it’s not true. The luck, career and wealth factor is ruled by other houses.

2nd HOUSE – family, fixed assets, speech, family business, possessions of things, throat, this also includes married life (some only count 7th house as a marriage house, but 2nd and 4th is also important as they rule the home life in eastern astrology) This house is also death inflicting house (Marka House) Marka simply means houses that mentally &  physically kill you, as 2nd represents the family, it will make you work, think, argue, fight and disagree with people in your family if it is ill in your chart. The negative aspect of such house can drain any person to their death.

3nd HOUSE – Short distance travel, like state to state, or from one town to another like a truck driver. The third house also represents siblings and relationship with them, media, networking skills, writing and speaking ability. This house also promotes courage.

4th HOUSE – home, family life, ownership of home, and vehicles, peace of mind, your home after marriage.

5th  HOUSE – children, fun, creativity, past life karmas, education, speculative business, entertainment business, and intelligence.

6th  HOUSE – dealing with enemies, diseases of the body, everyday work life and relationship with co-workers.

7th  HOUSE – Marriage, legal partnership (also includes business partnership), rules fame of a person as its opposite of the 1st house which is self and 7th house is other people, house of masses, and it also involves sex, and sexual relationship with the legal partner. (In Greek they say 5th and 8th house rules sex, but that’s not correct, 5th house rules romance, and 8th house, well, we’ll get to that next.) This is also a death inflicting house (Marka House)
Because dealing with marriage and its issues everyday can kill anyone.

8th  HOUSE– This house rules death and rebirth of a person or how one rises after a great fall in their life. This house also shows money through in-laws and friends as in loans you might get from them. Financial loans for home, business is also shown from this house. Deep rooted issues of ones life, and ones interest or lack thereof in mystical world such as astrology, magic, tantra, ghosts are shown form this house. 8th house also represents life span of a person. Death is not something to fear, you will die, you can’t live forever, but if your lifespan is short, (although it’s a blessing in my terms) you can still extend it per Vedic astrology remedies.) We will talk about remedies later in the book. 8th house is a major (Marka House) This is truly a death inflicting house, as 8th house deal with things that are buried deep beneath the earth, and when certain planets align in 2nd, 7th and 8th house; it usually causes death for a person.

9th  HOUSE – Interest in religion, found fortune, long distance travel and high (philosophical education) this house does not rule formal education, but the education that brings wisdom in ones life, whether negative or positive, which depends on the planet and signs that rules this house. This house also represents the law field as 9th house is about doing the right things or being punished for it.

10th  HOUSE – This house shows your respect in the outer world, like work and community, as it’s opposite to the 4th house which is home. It rules career too, but only holds 30% of the truth about your career. In Greek astrology they give a major emphasis on the 10th house and its lord or the planet sitting in 10th house to determine your career, but this is not true, and that is why ‘you’ must have felt lost after talking to a Greek astrologer, and in most cases eastern astrologer as well. Why you ask? Because Greek only relies on 1 chart, your basic birth chart, and, sometimes eastern astrologer, too, relay on the same chart. But, there is a bigger depth to this house. In Eastern astrology there are many (Divisional) charts which show a detailed analysis of a person’s life, which can be career, marriage, children, health, travel etc… The divisional chart that rules the career is called (D-10 chart) or Dashamsa chart in Eastern astrology. (We’ll talk about it later)

11th  HOUSE – gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve your desired goal, and your source of income. The source of income is not your 10th house, but your 11th house. How will you make your money, or how will you get your (Big) money. Your 10th house just shows career, and what field you’ll go into after looking at all the divisional charts, but 11th house shows the big gains you’ll receive in your life. Very important house in terms of wealth. $$$

12th  HOUSE –  House of mystery, your hidden talent, your hidden magic, foreign country settlement, losses but, not necessarily loss of money, it could be loss of enemies or health, as in, you’ll loose enemies, which stands for: you may not have much enemies, or you may not have too many disease in your possession. If you look at this house carefully, 12th house which is known as the house of losses or expenditure, can also work in your advantage as well. We’ll talk about this later. But, 12th house is a major player in careers of fictional writers, as 12th house takes you into a different dream land, and dimension which is required for a fantasy writer.
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