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Secrets To Horoscope Matching

This secret I learned back in 2010 and it was again emphysis by Saptarishis astrology and A.V. Sundharam as well. The secret is simple, if you are a family man, have desires, want to accomplish things so you can achieve your material desires and feed your family then do not do horoscope matching as a astrologer, unless you are a Yogi. Horoscope matching if not done correctly causes the biggest karmic log against an astrologer. Do not worry, people doing horoscope matching for themselves or children are not spared either. Saptarishis said it clearly "doing horoscope matching is playing with fire". This is the most complex of analysis and only .01% of astrologers are capable of doing it.

Horoscope matching is not about getting the highest Kundali milan points. The first rule you want to understand about horoscope matching is "Should an astrologer do horoscope matching?" The Universe is far smarter than Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and sages like Prasahara, Jamini and Bhrigu knew how vast and smart the Universe is, the energy of Krishna. Astrologers of today feel they can play God. There is a reason why Universe brings someone in your life to marry. It brings them to you because you have a debt to pay to them. If you avoid that debt by doing horoscope matching you are avoding that karmic debt for next life or perhaps after 10 lives. If marrying this one person was to give you moksha from this lokha so you can advance to the next one you just threw away your ticket. "Astrologer is not a lawyer but a paralegal. Planets are lawyers, God is the judge. Astrologers job is to simple file the paperwork, check for spelling mistakes, tags, and submitting paperwork to the right department" I learnd htis analogy from my good friend Jeffery Armstrong aka Kavendra Rishi.

If you want to become wealthy you need to pay your debts off, you cannot have debt and be considered rich. When an astrologer takes away native's ability to repay their debt then the astrologer is keeping a person away from becoming rich, so Universe gives that energy to an astrologer, it's called transfer of karma in Jyotish. The astrologer suffers financially when they do such actions. Most of the time you find astrologers either dealing with money, heatlh or marriage problems in their own life. The most rarest of astrologers who do horoscope matching first check if this person is meant for meatching. There are horoscopes that can avoid a certain person, but most of the time you are to pay that debt. 

Every parent in the world runs to an astrologer to do horoscope matching without realizing they are committing the biggest karmic log on behalf of their children. They helping their children avoid a God given debt they must pay, regardless if the child would suffer from the hands of the spouse. For us, we hate hearing the stories of domestic abuse, cheating, divorces. For a yogi, who is connected to the higher and divine they would look at a person who might have been stabbed by her wife, or beaten by the husband an he would say oh, you beat your spouse 25 life times ago when they were your daughter. I see, okay, so you are paying your debt of, great. In Vedic astrology there are 4 types of karma we have to keep in mind 24/7, once we know these karma we would stop complaining about everything that is happening in our life. The most important karma you must understand is Sanchita and Prabdha.

Taken from the book by A.V. Sundaram "Nadi Insights".

Sanchita Karma: This is the stored karama that arrives at its own time like a surprise birthday party. This is the karma which has been accumulated from past lives you have lived. It comes unannounced and you must face it, and you must pay it. If you helped a poor woman and her children by giving her cloths and food then perhaps 35 life times later when you open a clothing store it becomes the # 1 clothing store for woman in the country and you become rich beyond your beliefs, even if in this life you are cheating people, gambling, beating your wife. It's the karma which was waiting in the file cabinet to be given to you at some point. If you refused a woman and her children cloths and food when she came to you for help, then perhaps in this life you mgith find yourself losing all your hard earned wealth to the hands of a woman, perhaps the same woman.

Prabdha Karma: This is the karama which is unavoidable, it is seen from your 6th house, which cannot be changed by the remedies. This can be good or bad, this is something for which you were born for.

There are two more karmas as in Agami and Kriymana. But the point is when you are to pay your debt, you are to pay your debt, avoiding debt is the best way to keep yourself away from getting closer to God and its kingdom. The biggest secret to horoscope matching is to avoid it like a plague. In Western astrology everyone jumps to match making and astrologers are freely offering it without realizing the rules of this occultic masonic science.

Now you know why I do not do any horoscope matching. I only do relationship reading, as in finding someone to love, to have fun and romantic time with. I no longer even do marriage consultation because many people who came to me weren't meant to get married and you cannot tell that to a client because that, too has strong karmic implication upon the astrologer. Yes, welcome to the world of astrology where 99% of people are oblivion to its rules.

You might say why does Rishi Prashara then gives us a chapter about Kundali milan and how to match a horoscope. Again your first mistake is to think Bhirat Prashara Hora Shashtra is written or spoke word for word by Rishi Prashara; no it's NOT. A scholar in south India back in 1800's went to different astrological prampara to learn about Jyotish, and it was a mix informaiton from different soures which he dedicated to Sage Prashara as in olden days the student always named their written work after their masters and not themselves. We have zerro clue as to what Rishi Prashara really wanted us to know and learn. I learned this extremely important fact from Dr. Arjun Pai.

People think I must have done horoscope matching for myself and my wife, and the answers is BIG FAT NO. I always did horoscope matching wtih my previous girlfriends and none of them stuck with me, even after great analysis by astrologers. Even with my children I wouldn't dare do their horoscope matching, go and be with whomever you want to be with. "Love" is the best horoscope matching. Love is God, God is love, when you fall in love with someone is God speaking to you about your match.

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