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Hindu Astrology Secrets

What you need to understand about Hindu astrology is that there are no secrets, there is no secretly guarded information by Brahmins through which you can make miraculous predictions. When someone at the stature of B.V. Raman, K.N. Rao or Krishnamurti Padithi makes a brilliant prediction; they are simply using the basic principals of prashara and Jamini, but because  they have used these methods in thousands of charts to developer their skills; It's the repetition of patterns, conjunctions aspects occurring at the right time which gives them a great deal of advantage in foreseeing the coming events or predicting events that have already occurred.

I am writing this article today because I get so many emails, especially after people get career consultation done through me, which I do not offer all the time on my webiste only when I announced it on my facebook page, but seeing how accurately I can predict what their mind really wants to do vs. what they are doing, they are stunned. Yes, there could be some divine intuition I may be working with but mostly it's all about the patterns that I have seen in the past and keep seeing it every day. There are patterns yes, like when I see someone doing law or being interested in law I usually see the (Mars Mercury conjunction) (Jupiter Saturn conjunction) and Mercury Rahu conjunction in 6th, 7th, 9th or 10th house while one of them are contorting the 2nd house of earnings. Someone doing computer engineering would have a great influence of Mars and Mercury upon Rahu. If someone wants to do business or financial analyst then Mercury's involvement as 2nd house lord or amatyakaraka is important. These are all patterns of conjunctions, aspects and nakshatras; once you learn this game you will be a pro at it.

If there is to be a secret in Hindu Astrology it has to be the involvement of nakshatras and not just the moon nakshatra which is widely known to everyone but placement of other planets in a nakshatra. This is not a secrets but a overlooked error in Vedic Astrology. Just like Moon in a certain nakshatra makes you think and behave differently, just like that Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury etc in a certain nakshatra are behaving in a certain way besides being placed in a certain sign. I am not talking about Nadi-Astrology or KP Astrology where you look at the house co-ordinates or upp-nakshatra, no, I am talking about planets actually having a meaning by being placed in a certain nakshatra. e.g. Jupiter in Rohini nakshatra makes the morals of the native too extravagant and lavish where Jupiter in Pushy nakshatra makes the person be generous and giving to others. This type of information adds to your ability to predict certain things about an individual which the sign placement itself won't be able to tell. I love doing career consultation for people because it is one type of consultation that many astrologers do not go after due to the complexity of the field. There are no longer 3-5 career a person will do based upon their cast, race or creed. Now, you have a thousand different careers in just one field. But an astrologer can still narrow down the filed for an individual to a point where the consultation would make sense. Instead of just saying you'll do business, you can pin-point it that you'll do business using online source and female products like cosmetics and clothing's, or you'll be an accountant or financial analyst where you are dealing with numbers and money. In Hindu Astrology pratice is the real secret and source of great predictions.

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