kapiel raaj, Hasta  nakshatra
Hasta Nakshatra (10:01 Virgo to 23:20 Virgo)
Planet- Moon
Symbol- Hand    
Deity- The sun God     

Hasta nakshatra is about being a hero, it's about defending the weak and fight for the weak. But this symbol of fist isn't just for fighting but it also shows working with your hand and working hard with your hands, such people can be very artistic with hands like a painter, sculpture, sowing and carpenter. It's about being mechanical with your hands. Such people are quite emotional about their work and their work is fueled by emotions, because Moon is ruling this nakshatra. This is why such Virgo people are very sensitive, calm and mellow vs. other nakshatra in this zodiac sign. This people when emotional about their work, they will dig deep with their hands, get their hands dirty if they have to to finish their work.

These people have quite a few ups & downs, this is due to the moon's nature of waxing and waning. This is like a stock graph, where a stock goes up & down, but if you look at it in a long run it was still moving upwards, however in the time it feels like life is going up and down constantly. However much people should always look at the long and big picture. By the time they hit age of 24, they really star to excel in life up to the age of 60. Such people are very good at working under others, they will take other's business as their own and would love to take it to new heights, for them there is no ego about mine or yours, they just want to work hard and bring about a positive change into their professional life and they expect the same from others.

Hasta nakshatra pada 1- People with Hasta nakshtra pada 1 are very studious, intelligent and love solving problems. They do very well in math and make some of the great accountants and mathematicians. They love working with numbers which also makes them a good financial advisors. They keep everything neat and clean and love arranging things in order, which gives them their mental pace. This is the ability that lands them into management, supervisor and interior decorator. They know how to manage things and organize them.

Hasta nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Hasta nakshatra people are good at taking care of others, especially close family and friends. They enjoy the anadmey of human body which also makes them good docotrs and nurses, however if moon has bad infulence upon this pada then it can also make a person addicted to dead bodies and necrophilia (sexual desire towards dead corps), but mainly they make good health advisors and healers. Lot of nutrionists can be seen from this. 

Hasta nakshatra pada 3- Hasta naksahtra pada 3 people very argumentative, detail oriented and very disciplined about their work. They are fond of arguments and winning arguments. They make great writers, and medicine man, but at the same time they always want to make their statement heart even when advising someone in the medical field. This can also take them into great addiction toward alcohol and drugs especially if Moon has aspect of Rahu on this.

Hasta nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Hasta pada 4 are very wealthy especially when they pursue the career as an accountant, book keeper, and financial advisor. Great CEO have been seen with such naksahtra pada and mainly their entire focus is on pleasure because the sign of Virgo is coming to an end, this is where Virgo's hard work starts to slowly transform into pleasure, although still as the cusp, these folks love to be pampered and receive wealth which stabilizes their mind, after all moon needs stability, which comes through finding security in financial world.
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