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Destiny Point

After my first interview with the great Sunil John of Saptarishis Astrology Group it was evident that I had to bring him back on my channel to talk about a small thing he mentioned called "Destiny Point". I didn't know what it was and how it operated but the way he explained it in 3 seconds was enough for my curiosity. Per Sunil, "Your destiny is Destiny Point". That sentence gave me sleepless nights and I kept emailing him about coming on my channel to talk about the subject. He finally came and revealed to me and thousand others about the importance of Destiny Point. The interview is available on my channel on youtube under "Destiny Point".

What is Destiny Point?

This is a mathematical point between Moon and Rahu, not Rahu and Moon which shows your destiny. i.e. If Rahu is in 4th house at 15 degrees, Moon is in the 10th house at 15 degrees then the mid point of Destiny Point will be the 7th house. If Moon was in 4th house and Rahu was in 10th house with similar degrees then mid point would occur in the first house. The mathematical way to calculate Destiny Point is to take the longitude of Moon and add it with the longitude of Rahu and divide them by two, and the remaining number would be the degree point.

I had a email conversation with Dr. Arjun Pai on calculating DP. These are his exact words.

Another method calculation is:
By deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon.The difference is divided by 2.The Quotient obtained should be added to Rahu's position and the result will be the Rahu-Moon midpoint and is called Destiny Point.
1. Moon and Rahu are in 11th House (in this case)
2. Rahu at 5 degrees and Moon at 12 degrees. So ideally the DP should be in (-5+ 12) = 7/2 = 3.5 + Rahu's position of 5 degree = 8.5 degrees in the 11th house itself.

I am working with the creator of the current astrology software I use to implement DP in the reports which should be coming out soon with the new version. This will help me tremendously in showing everyone their DP. Currently the independent software I use gives accurate DP position but 40% of the time the ascendants and its degrees are different which causes confusion. I personally prefer my currently professional software on astrology as it's the best software regarding charts.

Now, the question is what is Destiny Point? There are many variations and meaning of DP online. The only version you need to know without reading about all the doom and gloom of DP is that it's the accomplishment of your karma charka. It's the task, the mission you must accomplish before taking your last breath. This is the version I have come to know via Sunil and this is the only one I wish to stick to. If you do not like to read all the negative Jyotish has to offer then I would suggest not reading further into DP online. But in my own 3 month analysis of doing mini Destiny Point readings during my career consultations I have made startling conclusions, amazing predictions and some not so great of predictions. Not so great of prediction meaning DP mission is not always to make you the next Mathama Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan or Ambani, Destiny Point  can simply mean that the native may build a temple as part of their destiny, that's it. I had a chart which had 9th lord Saturn in the 8th house while DP was occurring in the 9th house and 9th lord was with 12th lord Mars. I said your destiny is to completely change your beliefs on religion and society by visiting foreign lands through which you will revolutionize something. The person was a converted Hari Krishna devote working on a book on Hindu scripture and some other undisclosed text. 3rd lord of writing Moon aspected 9th lord Saturn from 2nd house.

I've had someone with Destiny Point occurring in 6th house with 6th lord in the 4th house Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius in mutual aspect with Sun. I told the individual your destiny lies in serving the people of the homeland through social well fair and social reform and entering into politics. The native replied and said every astrologer he saw said you are not meant for politics or public service and he was never telling me anything about this and then sending me a email reply about accurately I caught that in his chart without him saying a single word to me. If I am not mistaking I believe he wanted to either do family business or something in creative field. After my DP reading to him he felt he found himself again.

I had Destiny Point occurring in the 9th house with Ketu in the sign of Leo without any other aspect from a planet, 9th lord Sun was in 8th house with Mercury in the nakshatra of Pushya. I actually had this chart today. I told the lady your destiny lies in attaining serrate occult knowledge through which you will be healing people and going towards health and wellness. 9th house is preaching, teaching, higher learning, religious and philosophical studies, 9th lord Sun is in 8th house of life, depth, rebirth, surgeries, emergencies, occult and mysticism in the nakshatra of Pusha (nourishment). Within 4 seconds I knew where this person was headed. She replied back just today about wanting to go into occult, astrology and to find a better meaning to her life.

I had Destiny Point occurring in 5th house with 5th lord Mars in 3rd house with Mercury. Jupiter from the 9th house aspected the 3rd house and 5th house. I said "Your destiny lies in going towards writing, media and publishing your work in either science or social work as 5th and 3rd house are writing and media while Mars is ink and Mercury is writing. She replied back that she loves writing, and wants to publish "Sci-fi books", then I went back in the chart and made a silly mistake by not seeing that Rahu from 7th house aspected the 3rd house. (Rahu = science fiction, aerospace, aliens, airwaves).

I have been able to collect many of such horoscopes but I've had my shares of failures, but are they really failures? because if someone doesn't agree with me regarding their destiny, does that mean it won't happen? because your destiny might come alive when you're 77 years old and you destiny was to build a temple in your hometown? This is something which only time will tell with more research. This is why I love doing consultation for Destiny Point on people who are over 50 and have a great chance of fulfilling their destiny.

What is the most important thing to learn about Destiny Point? Know your basics. That is all Destiny Point requires, knowing the basics of basics in astrology. It's so important to be good at level 1 astrology before trying to amply level 6. If you think you can go straight to level 10 and do DP reading the most likely you are setting yourself up for failure. i.e., Harivansh rai bachchan had exalted Jupiter in the 10th house with DP occurring in the 10th house with Moon. Sunil simply said "Jupiter the karaka of children exalted in10th house" meaning, one of native's child will be famous and well respected. That's it. But then I also added, Jupiter is the lord of 3rd house sitting in 10th house, success through writing and poetry. This is how simple it needs to be. I know for sure I will encounter many many failures in my journey to understanding Destiny Point, BSP and BCPs, but out of countless failures you will emerge as a louts.

I will keep on extending this article based on my research. But if there is one thing one must understand or try to understand in their life is the position of their Destiny Point. We all can do many careers in life and make money from many sources but it's when we follow our destiny is when we truly feel alive.

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