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To see if someone will become an IAS, IFS or IPS officer in a horoscope we obviously will talk about planets, signs nakshatra, but I will give you an underling statement right now through my observation of 20 charts of IAS officer who got a consultation from me in the past 4 years. Yes, only 20 because perhaps they do not need my consultation as their career might be flourishing. One only comes to an astrologer when they are in dyer need of something. These IAS officers have been following me on Youtube and out of curiosity got a consultation.

What is the underlining? They had extremely solid Samudya Ashtakavarga points 11th and 6th from Sun and Saturn. All 20 of them showed high scores after seeing their Raj Yogas and Jamini Raj Yogas becoming active during their qualifying time. In this particular case Ashtakavarga has played a major role even though beyond 20 charts it might not be playing that role.

If you do not know anything about Ashtakavarga I will open a lesson reading this coming Friday on my website where in less than 20 minutes you will know basics of Ashtakavarga. But especially my ashtakavarga teacher Marc Boney and his teacher and teacher of everyone K.N. Rao have also observed in the charts of politicians and government works 11th and 6th from Saturn having strong Ashtakavarga points. 11th house is gain of authority and 6th house is the house of public service. When these two places have high points with all the proper Raj Yogas and combinations then one surly will become an IAS officer. But in IAS specially 11th from Sun was very strong: achievements via government.

below are examples of what Ashtakavarga looks like in my astrology report.

In Bhinnashtakavarga a planet can distribute anywhere from 0-8 points to a particular house. Showing when they transit that house how strong will their effect be. 4 Is the average. In below chart if Sun transited the sign of Sagittairus it will get 6 points that means very good results coming from Sun even though it's transiting the 8th house.

In Samudhya Ashtakavarga a planet can distribute anywhere from 15-56 points to a particuar sign 28 being average and all of them will total to 337 points if you add them all. On average the IAS officers were reciving anywhere from 35-44 points 11th from their Saturn and Sun and same with the 6th from them. Below you see Saturn in 10th house, and 11th from Saturn receives 33 points which is well above average, and 6th from Saturn receives 35 points which is excellent.

Also note these are only 20 charts. You could have the next 100 people with low ashtakvarga scores but powerful Raj yogas which may override the scores.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If you are striving to become an IAS officer do not look or learn about Ashtakavarga, sometimes will power and divine grace goes far beyond a low ashtakavarga score. Keep studying, keep striving which is your main dharma.

If you need to see the socres then you get that the astrologcial report from my shop section option 5 to 12.

Now, what planetary combination makes for an IAS officer?

Planets involved

Ascendant Lord - The ascendant lord must have digbala (directional strength) It must be creating a Raj Yoga with 10th or 9th lord. Or there must be a Raj Yoga present vai Jamini between Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka. Both of these planets should be strongly placed, strongly meaning exalted, in their own sign or friendly signs.

Sun - Sun is the karaka of Government and must be strong in the chart by digbala. The 20 charts I saw Sun was acting as either the Atmakaraka or Amatykaraka. Even if Sun is in 4th house without any directional strength, it must be strong by sign placement. 4th house exalted Sun is actually good for serving the homeland and people of homeland.

Saturn - Saturn is the karaka of service and being a government servant. You must have strong quality of serving under a higher authority. Many people do not like to take orders from others or even like their government. In such cases these professions are not for those individual. Saturn shows patience, discipline, structure and organization skills.

Mars - Mars is competitive spirit, courage and will to fight for the King. Mars should give you courage being the karka of 3rd and 6th house. Mars, when strong, can avail any bad yogas, and combination in the chart by just sheer will.

Now many times other people will involve all the planets like Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Rahu etc.. then there is no point on doing research because all the planets are involved. This means you are telling me IAS officer has all planets in excellent position? such things are impossible. Even someone like Bill Gates has something which are excellent in the horoscope and something which are below average compare to an ordinary person. But this is my observation and my article. What I see through my knowledge I am bringing it out for you. Obviously you can't have a bad Mercury where you can't learn and memorize things so such planets are obvious in all cases not just IAS. If you Mind is not well, you are bi-polar, crazy, insane, have chronic depression obviously you can't be fit for IAS. This is why I do not want to dive into the obvious.

Signs involved?

The most important signs I saw was Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius. Of course you will find all types of signs in over 100,000 + charts of IAS, but these signs stood out in the charts of 20 IAS officers I saw.

Capricorn - Government, willingness to service the higher kingship.

Aquarius - Great need to service society in collective form. Need to bring social reform in play.

Aries - Individual need to become a leader and stand out of the rest. A strong competitive sign.

Sagittarius - The need to perform dharma as in duty towards something higher than your own ego and your own selfish reasons. A need to learn and service administration.

Nakshatras Involved - Krittika, Magha, Uttara Ashada, Punravasu, Pushya, Uttara Phalguni.

These are the nakshatras I constantly kept running into under major planets and made sense beyond any understanding.

Krittika - is ruled by Sun and shows one's ability to discriminate, cut the negative out and rise with the positive. Willing to sacrifice one's own life for others.

Magha - The royal throne of the king and ancestors. One is somehow destined to be at the highest place in their profession when Magha nakshatra is involved. One will sit on the throne and receive respect of the world.

Uttara Ashada - A nakshatra that shows be rewarded by the king after winning a war, due to Abijit also being present in this nakshatra in latter degree shows one's willingness to win any battles.

Punravasu- Such folks will not rest until they win, whatever karma they throw out it boomerang, they have a single goal like an arrow only striving to his one spot.

Pushya - Need to service others, need to take care of other's problem and solve their problems. Healing people and their pain.

Uttara Phalguni - Doing the work of the king after being summoned by the king in this royal court of Magha.


10th, 11th, 6th and 9th house were very much active with planets in them.

10th house is authority, government, work environment.

11th house is large organization, reorganization, hopes, wishes, desires, gain of authority

6th house is service, competitive spirit, dealing with enemies and obstacles

9th house is government administration, higher knowledge and ability to follow dharma (duty).

Dasha during life are very important, such people were running all sorts of dashas, from Ketu, Sun, Saturn to Mercury. But the mahadasha and antar dasha lord were very very strong, but more importantly CHARA DASHA sigs showed more power. All of them were running chara dahsa sign where both Atmakarka and Amatyakarka were either placed in such signs or were aspecting the 10th from charadasha sign via Jaimini aspects. This was the biggest clue. 10th house showing major career achievement during chara dasha. Transiting Saturn and Sun were at their high point of binnashtakavarga score as well. This is the type of ashtakvarga where a single planet distributes cetain points to a house, and when they transit that house they either give excellent results or no results at all. 0 being the lowest and 8 being the Highest and Most Auspicious.

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