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Career In Acting Vedic Astrology:

Acting and performing arts is a field that is widely appreciated and pursued by millions of people. We all know what acting is, it's the art of pertaining a character of various verities. Let get straight to the point.

Below are the planets, signs and Nakshatra that shows success in Acting after studying many, many film and tv personalities.




1st house
3rd house
5th house
8th house
10th house
11th house




Purva Phalguni
Purva Ashada

You will find actors and actresses of various planets and nakshatra working in their chart, but the list I mentioned is the most prominent. Even if the performing artist doesn't have such situation, they might be getting and aspect or conjunction of a planet which is placed in such position.


The Sing of Aries represents the head, the body which is essential in performing arts. After all you use your body for performance. Aries is the sign of fire, aggression, aggressiveness which brings about the power of the character.

Gemini represents performing arts itself, it's the sign of mimicking due it's ruler ship of Mercury. Gemini is a dual sign which shows a person can become two different people at any given time. They can be comedian or serious.

Leo: This sign is the bhavat bhavam of Gemini, meaning 3rd from the 3rd sign, which presents true performing arts, stage performance, cinema. This sign holds the 3 most powerful nakshatras in the nakshatra zodiac whish presents being on top of the world.

Libra: Libra is mostly known as the sign of business, relationship, unionship, but we forget that Libra is the moolatrikona sign of Venus, the karaka of arts and creativity. Moolatrikona meanings the root triangle. Libra is the original 7th house of pass media, and mass fame and it also contains the nakshatra of Swati which is shows spreading of wildfire via air as in fame.

Scorpio: This is the sign of dramatic arts, a sign that is much needed to bring out the sorrow within us, the emotional baggage we use to create art including sexual energy.

Pisces: This is the sign of imagination, creativity and being on a high with our mind which is very much needed when trying to bring in imaginative character within our consciousness. This is the sign which observes the world from outside; to be a good actor you need to observe things around you throughout life so you can mimic those situation when needed.


1st house is the body, the head, it also shows fame because people see "YOU" when you get fame via body performance.

3rd house is needed for movement, fighting, running, dancing, and it's the original house of communication and performing arts. This house also now shows online media and television.

5th house is the original house of Leo, the sign of creativity, performing arts, cinema, script writing and producing.

8th house is the house of our hidden talent, our hidden psychological baggage that we use to give our most dramatic performance. This is the house of legends. An actor should be able to leave his or her legacy on the industry.

10th house is the house of fame, your highest of impact in the world and the work environment.

11th house is the house of reorganization, seed of power, achievements, hopes, wishes, desires. When you achieve reorganization, fame it also brings about gains, and fulfillment of desire like buying a house, car, jewelry.


Venus is the karaka of creativity, arts, music, singing, acting so obviously it becomes the first planet in line.

Mercury is the ability to mimic and perform a certain character, it gives us charm and ability to make people laugh. It's  dual natured planet which can switch personality in an instant.

Rahu is the planet of mass fame, mass performance, a big dramatic performances. It's the karaka of photography, camera, limelight, and ability to become something completely different than who we are like Jim Carry in the Mask or Amitabh Bachchan in 'Black'.

Sun shows fame, our vitality, and creative power as it originally rules the 5th house and the sign of Leo. Sun is the King, the Lion, when a mega superstar walks on the red carpet it over shines everyone.

Mars is energy, our ability to be athletic, physically active and our strength to fight which is a must when performing any type of acting especially action sense.

Moon: Moon is fame, art and most importantly emotion. Without jerking a tear or giving a emotional performance an actor feels empty in his or her role.


Rohini: This is the nakshtra of arts, beauty, fashion, destining, acting and music.

Mirgishira: ability to emotionally connection with our self and our inner soul, this
nakshtra presents the creative process of searching for life.

Magha: Magha is the royal throne, the highest of class order. This is where the King of industry sits. This shows the natural talent and ability to clime the ladder of success in any profession, however Venus in this nakshatra may feel starved if there is too much ego. Venus here can make for a great actor as long as they do not insult others. I have seen many times the fall of actors or politician or public figure happens when they use others to climb the ladder of success.

Purva Phalguni: This is a nakshatra ruled by Venus which shows beauty, and ability to make something look or feel beautiful.

Chita: This nakshtra represents technical creativity aspect in our life like marital arts, fighting ability and creative designing.

Swati: This shows our ability to be free, independent and unusual on their approach to life. They have the ability to capture the mass word through their fast wind moment.

Purva Ashada: another nakshtra ruled by Venus which shows purity of art and ability to give performance which is connected to our higher sense and realm.

Revati: This is the nakshatra of arts, music, singing dancing, sculpting and writing. It's a nakshtara ruled by Mercury which gives us the deepest sense of our creativity ability as Revati is deep mystical water.


This is the Jamini astrology term which shows certain types of planets per their degree. The two most important our Atmakarka and Amatyakaraka.

AK: This is the planet with the highest degree which shows the mission of the soul.

AMK: This is the planet with the second highest degree which shows how the soul will fulfill its mission.

Planets like Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury have become very common amongst performing artists as Jupiter itself is classical arts and music.

In the 8 karkaa system of Jamini Rahu becomes # 1 for politics and performing arts.


Ascendant lord conjunct 3rd or 5th house shows artistic ability.

Ascendant lord connected with 11th and 3rd lord.

Moon in 3rd, 5th and 12th house

Venus and Mercury in 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th house

Rahu in ascendant, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th house

Sun in 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th house

Mars in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th house

Amatyakarka conjunct Venus, Moon or Jupiter

Atmakarka Venus conjunct Saturn.

Such combination become essentially important for success in film industry.

Divisional charts:

Now this is whole another story. One of the quickest way to check your success in this industry is to see the planets in D9, D60 and D10 chart, especially their sign placement in D60 chart and if the planet is weak or debilitated, does it receive neecha banga in the divisional chart?

I may have to write a whole article on the divisional aspect of career.

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